Diary of an Actor-Adventurer as a Young Man

26 Mar

“Beautiful spring day, warm sunshine, country beautiful. How can people fight a war in this lovely weather? Four hours train journey from here the most savage cruel patricidal war is being waged.”

So begins Errol’s Spanish Civil War Diary, eighty-four years ago today, on March 26, 1937.

Further, Errol wrote:

“Everyone is armed – some with large knives plus revolvers, but all with revolvers. The train is stopped. Plane has been heard – we are crowded with young loyalists all armed and with oddest assortment of uniforms.”

Christies wrote:

“Into the environment of violence and constant strife between fascists led by the iron-fisted Franco on the one side, and republicans and communists on the other, goes the intrepid Errol Flynn.”

Christies’ description of the diary:

“Autographed manuscript, various locations in Spain, 26th March, 1937, through at least April 2, in pencil. 74 pages, averaging at least 20 lines per page, 4 x 6 1/2 inches, bound in dark green leather over paper covers, strongly written and very legible; in very fine condition.”

— Gentleman Tim


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  1. Jack Marino

    March 26, 2021 at 8:04 am


    Just for the record, Deirdre Flynn owned that Spanish Diary, which was written in pencil. She decided to sell it and she put it on Christies auction house. Professor Lincoln Hurst was determined to win the bid for this diary, he found out that Charles Higham was also one of the bidders and at the last minute Lincoln won the bid and he paid 18,000 for Errol Flynn’s diary.

    We can all thank God for Lincoln out bidding Higham to keep him from owning this diary. He would have erase Errol’s writings in certian sections to validate his lies so he can prove to the world that Errol was a Nazi spy working with Dr Erben in Spain. Who would dispute this since the entire diary would be proven it was written by Errol.

    I have seen this diary many times, Lincoln carried it on him in a plastic bag in his jacket pocket. I have held it in my hands and read a good portion of it that I could, since Errol’s handwriting was hard to read. When Lincoln passed away, they could not find the diary, it could be in a safety deposit box in a bank up in his area or it was in with all the mess and is in a land fill. The people they hired to go through Lincoln’s home had no idea of the extensive collection he has acquired in a lifetime of collecting. A lot of the Flynn memorabilia was saved, exactly what and how much I will never know. I was suppose to see it but his nephew didn’t make it to Los Angeles. I know Lincoln had the original bust of Errol Flynn that Deirdre took from Warner Bros prop department. She kept it for over 30 years and she finally sold it on Christie’s and Lincoln bought it. I had it at my home for over a year and Lincoln gave me permission to make a copy for myself. I have a friend who is a special FX make up artist and I had them made, one for me and one for him. The original bust was either stolen from the house by the various people who came into the home to clean it up for sale, or again it could be in a land fill with all his other stuff.

    It’s tragic what happen to Lincoln I worked with him on the Errol Flynn book he was going to write it would have been the definitive book on Errol Flynn. Lincoln had lots of stories by Deirdre and other people who were still around that new and worked with Flynn. Lincoln had lots of research done he spent all the 90s, and 2000s researching and collection rare photos and letters of Flynn which I made lots of copies.

    The Spanish Diary was Lincoln’s prized possession, it was going to he a big part of this book.

    The cover of the diary might have been green in 1937 but in 1996 it was a dark brown

    Jack Marino

  2. Paula

    March 26, 2021 at 3:57 pm

    I wonder, did the suits at Warners know their star went off to a war zone? I’m guessing not until after the fact…

    • David DeWitt

      March 26, 2021 at 7:16 pm

      They knew. They sent a Warner Bros. publicity department person along with him.

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