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The Flynns of Palm Beach

29 Jan

Here is where Sean lived with Lili in Palm Beach:

Sean's Place

Sean is said to have frequently stayed in a cottage behind the main house, the top of which (the main house) can be seen in this photo, near the intersection of Seabreeze (aka Sea Breeze) & Cocoanut – third house in on the right (south) side:

Sean & Lili Corner…

— Tim


Errol Flynn’s Van Gogh, “Man is at Sea” at Auction

23 Jan

Sotheby’s will auction Vincent van Gogh’s 1889 ‘Man Is at Sea.’ SOTHEBYS

— David DeWitt


Sinking(s) of the Tonga

16 Jan

Tonga, I believe, was the island near which Fletcher Christian launched his now-infamous Mutiny on the Bounty.   BUT, this tab is dedicated not to that Tonga, but rather to the 72-ft sailing vessel that Errol is believed to have (rather mysteriously) sailed through the Caribbean, perhaps mostly around pre-Castro Cuba.  Information, and especially hard evidence, is hard to come by.  I am in St, Petersburg, Florida, investigating the final demise of the Tonga, where it reportedly burned and visited Davy Jones’ Locker off the coast of the town’s preeminent neighborhood, Snell Isle, in 1985, as a result of Hurricane Elena.

But, first, before that sinking, there was this “sinking”!

Here She Descended Into Her Watery Grave:


Very Near the St. Petersburg Pier (in background below), where (Marlon Brando’s) HMS Bounty was simultaneously located. … Which, decades later, also sank during a hurricane/superstorm – Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy!





— Tim


Errol Inspires Creation of Museum

16 Jan

   Inspired by Errol!

St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum

Pirate & Treasure Museum


— Tim


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History of Filming They Died With Their Boots On!

13 Jan


-thanks, Tim Reid for the link!

— David DeWitt


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One Plane Sailed East – To Err is Yuman

10 Jan

Visited Yuma today, where, in June of ’35, Errol & Tiger Lil (in)famously entered into (Un)Holy Matrimony.*  Here’s how EF recounted the event:

Below are links to the history of how Yuma came to become known as “Where the Stars Marry” and why the Justice of the Peace who married EF & LD – Earl A. Freeman – earned the title of “The Marry-ing Judge” – as did his successor Justice of the Peace Lutes, whose family still has a wedding chapel and restaurant (Lutes’ Casino) in town. I spoke with Justice of the Peace Lutes son today at his restaurant, which, by the way, is GREAT – like an Old West Saloon of sorts, with huge pictures of Hollywood Stars adorning its rustic walls.……

I also visited the History Museum and Heritage Center.  Gable visited town more than Errol, to hunt doves!, so they knew more local anecdotes concerning him.  But Errol, being Errol, fascinates everyone, and the townspeople were fascinated to learn more about the marriage, not really knowing much regarding Lili.I have a few photos on my phone, which I’ll try to post when I get a good chance.

* Having joked about the marriage, I fully realize of course that it may have been essential to Errol’s success in Hollywood.  Without Lili, we may well have never heard of Errol Flynn, at least not as we know him today.  (So, thank yopu for that, Lili!) Moreover, and more importantly, it resulted in the birth of a wonderful son.

Photos from June 25, 1935



— Tim


Sailing the Sirocco, 1965 – Home Movie from Hawaii

05 Jan


Ahoy & Aloha, Fans of Flynn.

Wouldn’t it have been great to be on this day-trip off Waikiki!…

— Tim


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January 2014 Rockitt Magazine!

04 Jan

With Robert Florczak’s Then and Now column, and the serial by Editor Pete Johnson, called Hobart to Hollywood.

The Rocket Magazine!



— David DeWitt


EF Mailbag: Jack Marino Show Moving!

02 Jan

Arriving in the mailbag, this announcement from Jack Marino who hosts a radio show in LA Angeles with a worldwide audience. You all know Jack as a long time Flynn fan that with his wife Louise hosted the now famous 100th Errol Flynn Centennial birthday bash in Burbank in 2009.

Hello all,

I am moving my show from Friday to SUNDAY JAN 5, 2014 at 7PM from now on.   My Friday show is now ended and I wanted to move to a better night when more people are at home.

I want to thank you all for being a fan of the show and some of you have been guests, which is always a lot of fun. I will see you all on Sunday night at 7PM PST and 10PM EST.

Lets all have a great NEW YEAR in 2014!

Thank you all,



— David DeWitt


Treasure Hunting with Errol

02 Jan


With the History Channel debuting its “Curse of Oak Island” series this Sunday, this is a great time to explore Errol’s many treasure hunting adventures – from his youth in the South Seas through his time in the Caribbean – and all those in between.   His interest in digging for treasure on Oak Island may have been frustrated by previous claims and legal impediments, but I’m not fully sure to what extent he researched, visited, or examined the island – or sought the right to dig. 

Anyone out there know??  … It’s a mystery, involving an enigma.

Oak Island map story

Errol Studying Treasure Map 

Errol Studing Treasure Map

Zaca in a Coat of Pirate Black

Ready for Some Treasure Hunting (In Cannes)

Zaca in Cannes

— Tim


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