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Errol Flynn Filming for Television!

11 Jul

Errol  Flynn  filming  for Television  1957…

— Topper


The Fortunes of War

12 May

Published on YouTube Today – May 13, 2021

Starring Errol and Christopher Lee

— Tim


Traveling Time & World with the Errol Flynn Theatre

18 Mar

1000th Night of Don Juan (January 2, 1958) (On the Road from Venice to Padua)

Declasse (April 5, 1957)

Girl in Blue Jeans (February 22, 1956)(1950’s England)

Fortunes of War (October 11, 1956) (Revolutionary France)

Rescued (April 13, 1957)

The Duel (June 6, 1956)

The Kinsman (June 12, 1956)

The Sealed Room (January 12, 1956)

Strange Auction (Ireland) (May 17, 1957)

Wife of the Czar (Russia) (September 16, 1956)

— Tim


Castro away

10 Dec

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

when guerilla commandante Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz ousted the despised dictator Fulgencio Batista on January 1st of 1959, everybody including Errol thought Cuba would turn from US backyard brothel into Paradise Island International.…

The high hopes were fueled by the high motives of the eloquent revolutionary. Freedom and equal birth rights were the proclaimed pillars of Fidel`s philosophy. Communism seemed not a top priority. The lowest common denominator between El Maximo Lider and Karl Marx was a full beard.

Born out of wedlock under the name of Fidel Hipolito Ruz Gonzalez, Castro was the kid of a wealthy landowner and his housekeeper. Maybe the the itch of being an illegitimate child triggered the urge to become an usuper.

His birth date had to be altered by a year, in order he could attend the Jesuits` college one year earlier than allowed. At university he stood out for his crisp mind and sharp tongue at a early age too. Top baseball outings on Cuba`s canefields led to unconfirmed tryout offers by the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, but he opted for a more deceptive profession and became a lawyer.

He first brought on a law suit against Batista and when it failed to make the military leader leave his office as new Head of State, Semper Fidel organised a coup of his own with 160 men trying to take the second largest barracks with 1500 soldiers. The historic quote “History will absolve me” stems from a letter he wrote out of prison after being captured as one of few survivors.

After his release Castro fled to Mexico with his younger brother Raul, where they met perennial poster boy Ernesto “Che” Guevara, another unscrupulous idealist. The chain smoking asthmetic medic became the spark to the Castro Bros. fuze. The rest is his story:…

El Fidel would go on to control the fate and faithfuls of the largest Caribbean isle seeing 11 US presidents come and go, survive 638 assassination attempts acknowledged by the Guiness Book of Records and a nuclear Mexican stand-off at sea between Khrushchev and Kennedy.

El Flynn saw the Robin Hood in Fidel Castro when only the post of Sheriff of Nottingham was vacant.

Power seekers with brains, big egos and bank accounts will stop at nothing- today more than ever!

Hasta la Flynntoria siempre,

— shangheinz


Swann Song

18 Mar

A new article on My Favorite Year…

— Tim


Actin’ Like Flynn – Part One – A Very Sticky Wicket

10 Feb

Duncan Regehr in My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn, Broadcast TV, 1985

MWWW 1985…………

— Tim


Mailbag! TCM’s Welcome to Sherwood …

12 Jan

Hello! If you didn’t know, “Welcome to sherwood:the story of the Adventures of Robin Hood” (2003) is on TCM wednesday morning. 1/13/2016
at 2:30 am – hope you’re doing well!
                                           tom and john thieman

I am doing well, Gents, and thanks for the tip!

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30 Nov


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

here is evidence of how great an actor Errol really was. It is the footage of “The Big Surprise” show with host Mike Wallace from February 5th of 1957.…

A behind the scenes report can be grasped here:…


— shangheinz


Errol Flynn’s TV Appearances over the Years!

18 Nov

“I wonder if anybody has seen this and furthermore knows of equally little known TV appearances of our Hollywood hero. Blog away dates, titles, co-stars and most of all… memories!” — shanghenz

Karl Holmberg cites the following:

Errol Flynn TV/ Documentaries


Here’s at least some of the non-dramatic stuff that has appeared on TV over the years:

“The Colgate Comedy Hour”

In the early 1950’s, NBC welcomed Bud and Lou to their new hour long live variety show, as guest hosts. Abbott & Costello boosted the show’s ratings as they performed their staple of routines, including the still popular and in demand, “Who’s On First.”

“The Colgate Comedy Hour” 1/13/52 with Errol Flynn, Bruce Cabot, Rhonda Feming, George Raft

“The Name’s the Same”

An American game show broadcast by the ABC television network from December 5, 1951 to October 7, 1955. The show’s premise was similar to What’s My Line?, but the panelists here had to guess the name of the person, which also described something (e.g. “A. Lap”, “A. Table”, “Ruby Lips”, etc). Other contestants had the same names as well-known personalities of the past and present, such as Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, Arturo Toscanini and Clark Gable. In a few cases, actors and other celebrities were brought out at the end of the guessing round to surprise the contestants who were their namesakes.54

“The Name’s the Same” Robert Q Lewis, Host, 8/20/1952: The first player is Errol Flynn. Panelists Jane Alexander, Abe Burrows and Bill Cullen.

NOTE: I ran into this crediting early on  in my research but  later, could not find Flynn anywhere in the celebrity credits of the various “historic logs” on the show. Therefore,  the actor Errol Flynn DID NOT appear on this program, but a young Master Errol Flynn did (…}

“Toast of the Town”

Ed Sullivan’s show was straight out of old vaudeville; brief acts of every description, from slapstick comedy to operatic arias. At least once, he showed a film, the only known film of Anna Pavlova (doing her Swan Dance). The Muppets’ first TV appearance was on Ed Sullivan. Stiff and expressionless, with a peculiar voice and a talent for mispronunciation, Sullivan was at least as recognizable as Cronkite to early 60’s viewers. Panel show.

“Toast of the Town” playing “Himself” (episode # 5.36) May 11, 1952

“Toast of the Town” playing “Himself” (episode # 5.37) May 18, 1952

“Toast of the Town” playing “Himself” (episode # 5.39) June 1, 1952

“The Martha Raye Show”, June 7, 1955, with Errol Flynn] / NBC.

Regulars: Martha Raye, Rocky Graziano, Carl Hoff and His Orchestra, The Danny Daniels Dancers. Comedy/variety.

“The Martha Raye Show”, January 3, 1956, with Errol Flynn] / NBC.

Regulars: Martha Raye, Rocky Graziano, Carl Hoff and his orchestra, the Danny Daniels Dancers. Comedy/variety

“The Steve Allen Show”, January 6, 1957, NBC.

Steve Allen, Louis Nye, Don Knotts, Tom Poston, Dayton Allen. Announcer: Gene Rayburn.

Music director, Skitch Henderson.

Guests: Errol Flynn, Guy Mitchell, Polly Bergen, Alan Young.

“The Big Surprise”, February 5, 1957, NBC.

Mike Wallace: Host

Announcer: Jack Clark, Easy Question Girl: Sue Oakland, Hard Question Girl: Mary Gardner

Celebrity Guest: Errol Flynn

Answers $30,000 question 2/5/57

This show was intended as NBC’s answer to CBS’s enormously popular “$64,000 Question.” When it boosted the maximum prize, it became known as “The $100,000 Big Surprise.”

In this NBC primetime game show, contestants who were judged “worthy” because of good deeds or hardship answered a series of questions, worth progressively more from $1 to $100,000. If the contestant missed one of the first four questions, he or she was out of the game. Later, if they missed a question, someone else could answer a different question, in an early version of a “lifeline.” If that person answered correctly, they received ten percent of the winnings. The questions were unique in that they had to do with an individual contestant’s friends, family, hobbies or hometown.

The ‘easy question’ girl and the ‘hard question’ girl brought out the questions. If the contestant missed an easy question he or she would lose all the money; if a hard question was missed, he or she only lost half.

Later, after a format change brought newsman Mike Wallace on as host (in his TV game show debut), contestants answered encyclopedia-like questions in different categories.

Note: Flynn apparently made only this one appearance; subsequent TV listings and related news report nothing further. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NEWS whether he’d won or lost!

“What’s My Line?”, May 26 1957, CBS.

Moderator: John Daly. Mystery guests: Sammy Davis, Jr. Guest panelist: Errol Flynn.  Panel show.

“Toast of the Town Panel Show” playing “Himself” (archive footage) (episode # 10.48) [August 25 1957]

“What’s My Line?”, December 1 1957, CBS.

Panel show. Moderator: John Daly. Mystery guest: Errol Flynn.

“The Steve Allen Show”, December 1 1957, NBC.

Comedy/variety. The Steve Allen Show (1956-1961). Steve Allen, Louis Nye, Don Knotts, Tom Poston, Dayton Allen. Announcer: Gene Rayburn. Music director, Skitch Henderson.

Guests: Martha Raye, Errol Flynn, Jimmy Dean, Jennie Smith, Don Adams, Army-Navy football team members.

“The Arthur Murray Party”, October 27, 1958, ABC.

Ballroom dancing, plus comedy, songs and dance contests on one of the few programs to air over all four major commercial networks. ABC premiered it on July 20, 1950 and it closed on NBC on September 6, 1960. It varied between a half-hour and one hour in length.

…. Himself – Guest aka “Arthur Murray Party Time” 
… aka “The Arthur Murray Show”

Jack Paar Show, 1/6/59 French singer Genevieve and American television show host Jack Paar (1918 – 2004) listen as Australian-born American actor Errol Flynn (1909 – 1959) talks about a bird during a segment of ‘The Jack Paar Show,’ New York, New York, 1959. And at one point Flynn is wearing the Cuban flag

Note:  I have found neither an officiall date for this show nor any record of its having survived. There does exist some photos of the appearance and there was an item in the newspaper of 1/7/59 in which the headline reads “Actor Accuses Batista Forces” and that it was said the previous night, so likely it was during the Paar Show appearance as where else might he have been to have been quoted? In IMDB it is stated that not until 1/12/59 was the first Paar show videotaped… hence no surviving record?

“Front Page Challenge”: Jan. 13, 1959. Host: Fred Davis, Panellists: Pierre Berton, Toby Robins, Gordon Sinclair. Guest(s): Errol Flynn, Scott Young Errol Flynn became a guest on Front Page Challenge after producer Jim Guthro read in a newspaper that Flynn had been in Cuba during the revolution. When Guthro tracked him down in New York, Flynn agreed to appear on the show — if the CBC paid for his “secretary” (who was, in fact, his mistress) to fly to Toronto with him.

“The Red Skelton Show”, September 29 1959, CBS.

Comedy/variety. Red Skelton, Errol Flynn, Scott Engel, Beverly Aadland. Director, Seymour Berns.

Originally broadcast on CBS, two weeks before Errol Flynn’s death at age 50.


In a sketch, Skelton portrays hobo Freddie the Freeloader and Flynn his friend, “The Duke.” After a group of beatniks (which includes Flynn’s teenage girlfriend Beverly Aadland) mistakes Freddie’s shack for a coffee bar, Freddie is informed by a policeman that all bums have been ordered by the city council to leave town by sundown. Freddie and the Duke decide that the only way they will be able to stay in town is to open their own beatnik coffee bar. Singer Scott Engel (who later went on to fame as Scott Walker of the Walker Brothers) sings “Paper Doll.”

“Hollywood and the Stars:

The Swashbucklers”, 1964. Fairbanks Sr. and Flynn, featured stories, with minor coverage of others. Joseph Cotton narrator. 25 minutes.

Hollywood Goes to War, 1964  Everyone from Astaire to Wayne (and of course…) . Joseph Cotton narrator. 25 minutes.

“The Hollywood Greats: Errol Flynn”, 1978. Barry Norman narrator. 50 minutes.

“HBO: The Legend of Errol Flynn”, 1979. Robert Vaughn narrator. 23 minutes.

“Errol Flynn: Portrait Of A Swashbuckler”, 1983. Christopher Lee narrator. 50 minutes.

“Australians”, 1988, Episode 12, “Errol Flynn”, Drama, 13 minutes.

“A&E Biography: Robin Hood – Outlaw of the Forest”,1995, (TV) …. Himself

“Secret Lives: Errol Flynn”, 1996 (Channel 4 of England), 50 minutes.

Warner Bros. 75th Anniversary: No Guts, No Glory (1998) (TV) (uncredited)

“It’s Only Talk: The Real Story of America’s Talk Shows”, 1999, excerpt from the Steve Allen Show with Errol and Steve Fencing (January 6 1957)

“Informal, El” playing “El Burlador Caliente” (archive footage) April 21 2001

Raoul Walsh and Errol Flynn, 2002, Documentary Short, French TV.

“A & E’s Hollywood Home Movies”, 2004. Brief snippets of Flynn: EF smoking/ talking with shirt off on Zaca in color (2 seconds); EF playing tennis in color (4 seconds); and Bogart, Kay Francis (?), and Flynn in gathering at private home, outside, pan shot,  b & w (5 seconds).

“The Adventures of Errol Flynn”, 2005, Documentary (V & TV)

Tasmanian Devil: The Fast and Furious Life of Errol Flynn, 2007, TV Movie documentary

Cuban Story, The Truth About Fidel Castro Revolution, 1959/2010, Documentary. 50 minutes

Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff, 2010, Documentary, 86 minutes


Tip O’ the Hat, to Karl! Read the rest of this entry »

— David DeWitt