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Mail Bag! A Pictorial History of Errol Flynn in Two Volumes by Topper Mackay!

The Mail Bag brings us something that was a bit secretive until now! Our mission, should we choose to accept it, and we do, it to enjoy news of Topper MacKay’s superbly produced new two-volume book “A Pictorial History of the Life and Times of Errol Flynn, Movie Star” … He says: I am  introducing the latest published work on… (more…)

Love at first sigh

Dear Flynnstones, enjoy this pretty picture of Errol‘s last love. Make laugh not war, — shangheinz

Mail Bag! New Errol Flynn Book Coming Soon!

We got a great recommendation in the Mail Bag from Greg Maradei for a new book about Errol Flynn … “I received my new book today, Errol Flynn The Illustrated Life Chronology by Robert Florczak, and I love it.  Like most fanatics of our dear boy, I own and have read all the books on Errol Flynn, the majority of which have told… (more…)

New Book by Josef Fegerl

Mr Josef Fegerl has privately published a new Flynn book. It features thousands of photos from Flynn’s westerns, including movie art and junket photos. A few sample pages can be seen below. The book is not for sale. Enjoy!   — Inga

Living according to Sean

Dear Flynnmates, here are some photos of Sean Flynn`s Paris apartment courtesy of PARIS MATCH Magazine. It was kept intact by his mother Lili Damita, long after he went missing in Vietnam, in hope he might return. Its interior shows his old man`s lust for adventure as well as his mom`s knack for flair. A miniature Zaca can be spotted… (more…)

LOOK 🎯 Errol Kissing Olivia

LOOK Magazine – April 12, 1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood OTHER CONTENTS – The Rockefeller Women, wives of the John D. Rockefeller clan, the former Blanchette Hooker, Mary Clark and Mary French. – Blind persons learn how to row at European school for the blind. – Confidentially column includes Francisca Gall, Yehudi Menuhin, Barbara Huckins, May McAvoy, Will H.… (more…)

More Wicked, Wicked Ways Paperback Covers!

 The Dead Ringer article was fun.  Here are a few more examples of his book from different years and places.  Just for fun,    Ada Enjoy your 4th!   [flagallery gid=32] — Topper

Mail Bag! Dead Ringer for Flynn, The Sons of Flynn!

The mailbag brings us a wonderful email from William Russo: I’ve been reading your stuff I guess for a couple years now. Truly enjoy it. Takes me into a world I truly love. Though it was the world of my parent’s generation, I feel a nostalgia for it I cannot explain. Though I grew up on Flynn’s movies, I did… (more…)

Mail Bag! French Curtiz Bio & Film Book!

Dear Sir, For all those who love Curtiz and read French, I found this book. He presents an excellent biography and analyzes each of his films including his pre-Hollywood production. Best – Erik Anzi Thanks, Erik! — David DeWitt

Flynn in Cannes

Invention of the French Riviera:…… Errol & Bridgett: Errol & Tilda: Errol & Clelle @ what appears to be Cannes: A Glimpse of Flynn at the Festival: — Tim