Mail Bag! A Pictorial History of Errol Flynn in Two Volumes by Topper Mackay!

10 May

The Mail Bag brings us something that was a bit secretive until now! Our mission, should we choose to accept it, and we do, it to enjoy news of Topper MacKay’s superbly produced new two-volume book “A Pictorial History of the Life and Times of Errol Flynn, Movie Star” …

He says:

I am  introducing the latest published work on Errol Flynn, simply titled volume 1 “Errol Flynn”, and volume 2 “Movie Star”, authored by long-time blog follower, Topper MacKay.

It is a two-volume brace, totaling 492 pages, plus 12 pages of  preliminary materials.

The books were published in late 2022 and distruibuted shortly thereafter. Please note  that they were released as a ‘fair-use copyright publication’ with a limited edition of 50.

This means that the books are not for sale or readily available to the public…a true laborof love, so to speak.

Some fun facts are:

The books are 10 1/2″  X  12″ and weigh six pounds together.

There are over  2,364 illustrations and 1,989 of them contain Flynn.

It is chronologically based on his life with some pictures and articles that have not been seen in over 80 years.

I have attached a photo of the two volumes along with a pic of the back covers of each one.



Topper has agreed to share parts of the contents of his volumes with the blog in upcoming presentations of some of the pages.


Thanks, Topper, we take the assignment seriously, and will do our duty!

— David DeWitt


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