From the Mailbag: Gentelman Jim Original Posters!

As you know, we get some very interesting mail at the EFB: today, I am sharing with you emails from Belinda Holloway in Tasmania (I have combined two emails into one and reproduce them here with her kind permission):

Hi David!

I have an original framed poster of Errol Flynn and Alexis Smith in “Gentleman Jim” which was printed in Sydney. It measures 36 cm x 76 cm and is in good original condition. I am intending to sell it soon on eBay for starting price of $2,800 but would like to offer it first to Errol Flynn lovers in Tasmania – would like it to stay here! If anyone is interested I can email photos.

belindah2011 (at)….au

I attach some photos of the poster.  It came from a collection of about 30 movie posters which I bought in 1997 at auction in Hobart. It is glued to a backboard, and framed in glass.  I re-sold most of them (I still have three others – other Hollywood stars)) at Christie’s in Melbourne and apparantly Fox Studios bought them for the opening of their new studios. I am happy to post worldwide.   By the way my best friend Anne’s father Don Norman was a friend of Errol Flynn and I believe wrote a small book about him!

I am also a fan of another famous Hollywood Tasmanian silent movie star Louise Lovely, and owned her travelling trunk, which she used  for all her costumes and makeup when she was on location.  I donated it to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in 2008 and it is now displayed in the new re-vamped Museum along with photos and a short piece of the movie “Jewelled Nights” as a part of the display!

I am happy for you to post this email on your blog if you like.

Thanking you!


Belinda Holloway







— David DeWitt

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