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On the Fifth Day of Christmas 🎁x5

29 Dec

Miss(chievous) Olivia was the Picture of Innocence…..

December 29, 1938

Erskine Johnson
Los Angeles Examiner


Olivia De Havilland is sitting off stage watching a rehearsal between Errol Flynn and Alan Hale for a scene in Dodge City. When no one is looking she opens her hand to reveal a rubber band and a wadded piece of tinfoil. She wraps the rubber band around her fingers, folds the tin foil over it and draws a bead on the unsuspecting Flynn. She Lets go and Flynn jumps a foot as the folded tinfoil smacks in on the back of his lap. By the time he has turns around, the rubber band has disappeared and Olivia de Havilland is the picture of innocence.

— Tim


The Heroine of Hollywood

27 Dec

In the seventh year you shall set them free (Deut. 15:12)

After spending 18 months in legal and professional limbo, de Havilland won the case and her free agency when, in 1944, the California Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that Warner Brothers had appealed: The studio could not extend her seven-year contract. At 5’ 3” and scarcely 100 pounds, de Havilland looked unintimidating, but her iron resolve was draped in velvet and silk.

When I asked her about the suit in 1998, she cited Deuteronomy 15, which stipulates that, in the seventh year, slaves shall be freed. β€œIt seemed to me positively unbiblical to hold me to that contract for more than seven years,” she purred in her mellifluous voice. (By then, she was a lector at the American Cathedral in Paris.)

For the very deep diggers;…

— Tim


Train to the Trail — Beginning 80 Years Ago Today

13 Dec

December 13-14-15, 1940

Contemporary news accounts:

Again the Old Santa Fe Trail”. The New York Times. December 8, 1940. p. 188.
Schallert, Edwin (December 13, 1940).

“Celebrities En Route to Film Event”. Los Angeles Times. p. 28. Daugherty, Frank (December 14, 1940).

“Santa Fe Greets ‘Trail’ Film With a Three-Day Fiesta: Parade of Indian Tribes, Official Reception Held”. The Christian Science Monitor.

— Tim


Lili Damita vs. Clara Bow

12 Dec

Clara Bow was “The It Girl” and I recall reading once (but can’t recall where now as I’m writing this) that Errol implied that he regarded as very sexually attractive. So, based on the similar Bando Da Lua* music videos below, I wonder who Errol would have thought was the sexier between Clara and Tiger Lil’? If he had had a choice and opportunity, who do you think Errol would have preferred?**

* Bando da Lua was a very popular 1930s Brazilian band, often associated with Carmen Miranda.

** Errol did know Clara and her movie star husband, Rex Bell, and used to visit them at their famous 400,000-acre “Walking Box Ranch” off of Joshua Tree Highway near Searchlight, Nevada.

— Tim


Dutch Harbor — 77 Years Ago Today

05 Dec

Amaknak Island, Unalaska, Alaska – December 4, 1943

— Tim


Mary Anne Hyde and Her “X” — November 15, 1944

17 Nov

From the Los Angeles Public Library. Herald Examiner Collection

— Tim


Hyponedically Speaking

07 Nov

November 7, 1942

— Tim


Peggy in Pigtails and Dirndl

06 Nov

November 6, 1942

Northern Star, Lismore, New South Wales

— Tim


B for Baron?

06 Nov

New York Daily News, November 6, 1942

By Frederick C. Othman

Los Angeles, Nov. 5 (U.R).

Peggy Larue Satterle, 16-year-old night club charmer, testified today that film actor Errol Flynn stopped at a physician’s office “to get some vitamin B pills, or something,” before he took her aboard his yacht for the cruise on which he is accused of raping her twice. She and Flynn were having dinner at Chasen’s, she said, before boarding the Sirocco, Flynn’s yacht, for a weekend cruise to Catalina Island. She said Flynn telephoned his doctor while they were dining and that on the way to the yacht harbor he stopped at the doctor’s office. “He got some vitamin B pills, or something,” she said, to the high amusement of the courtroom crowd.

— Tim


Fickle Errol Switches His Lady-Loves!

04 Nov

“Errol Flynn’s wives, fiances, wives, and assorted girlfriends – in screen adventures, as well as his well-heeled real life – have tended toward the dark, sultry, exotice type. But Flynn has just changed.”

September 2, 1950

TRUTH – Brisbane, Queensland


September 10, 1950

TRUTH – Sydney, New South Wales


MADERA TRIBUNE – October 23, 1950

— Tim

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