On the Fifth Day of Christmas 🎁x5

29 Dec

Miss(chievous) Olivia was the Picture of Innocence…..

December 29, 1938

Erskine Johnson
Los Angeles Examiner


Olivia De Havilland is sitting off stage watching a rehearsal between Errol Flynn and Alan Hale for a scene in Dodge City. When no one is looking she opens her hand to reveal a rubber band and a wadded piece of tinfoil. She wraps the rubber band around her fingers, folds the tin foil over it and draws a bead on the unsuspecting Flynn. She Lets go and Flynn jumps a foot as the folded tinfoil smacks in on the back of his lap. By the time he has turns around, the rubber band has disappeared and Olivia de Havilland is the picture of innocence.

— Tim


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