B for Baron?

06 Nov

New York Daily News, November 6, 1942

By Frederick C. Othman

Los Angeles, Nov. 5 (U.R).

Peggy Larue Satterle, 16-year-old night club charmer, testified today that film actor Errol Flynn stopped at a physician’s office “to get some vitamin B pills, or something,” before he took her aboard his yacht for the cruise on which he is accused of raping her twice. She and Flynn were having dinner at Chasen’s, she said, before boarding the Sirocco, Flynn’s yacht, for a weekend cruise to Catalina Island. She said Flynn telephoned his doctor while they were dining and that on the way to the yacht harbor he stopped at the doctor’s office. “He got some vitamin B pills, or something,” she said, to the high amusement of the courtroom crowd.

— Tim


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