The Whereabouts of Flynn

10 Mar

Long before the United States of Mexico Ports of Entry to the United states of America were making big news, as they are these days, Errol was crossing through many of them. Here is one of his notable ones, his attempt to travel incognito through the border gate at Brownsville to Mazatlan (with Senora Damita believe it or not!)

March 9, 1939

Evening Herald Express


Errol Flynn, dashing screen star who is supplying Warner Brothers publicists with a headache, was reported proceeding to Mazatlan, Mexico, today and running out on his film studio’s stunt for a picture.

Traveling incognito so far as it was possible – and it was pretty difficult after Warner’s offered a $500 reward for his capture. – Flynn and his wife Lili Damita, would only comment at the Brownsville airport today that they were “making a little trip.”

Then the couple took a plane to Mexico City. It waa understood Flynn’s plans included a hunting trip to Mazatlan. Warners wanted its playboy to go to Dodge City, KS, for the premiere of a picture by that name.

March 10, 1939

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

Warners wished they hadn’t offered $500 reward for information on the whereabouts of Errol Flynn. Within a few hours after the story hit the wires, the studio had received 143 telegrams from all parts of the country. Some of them were gags, but a large number brought actual information…and now the studio is faced with the headache of trying to figure out who deserves the reward.

Did tightwad J.W. pay up??? Doubtful!

— Tim


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  1. Norman

    March 11, 2021 at 12:19 am

    Yes, Jack Warner actually paid the money to find Flynn, plus a little extra.

    From the Sooner State Press, April 8, 1939.


    • Gentleman Tim

      March 11, 2021 at 11:23 am

      Thanks, Norman! Any word on if JW paid out on any of those other 142 telegrams?