‘Bacall package’ sold by Flynn for March of Dimes

28 Aug

Here is an article that I just found about Errol from the Stars and Stripes archive…….…

Stars and Stripes
Published: February 5, 1954

FRANKFURT — Errol Flynn brought the house down tonight as he auctioned off a Lauren Bacall “surprise package” at a March of Dimes benefit.

At the EUCOM Hq-sponsored affair at the Casino, Flynn said, “I can’t tell the contents. (Bacall’s husband, Humphrey) Bogart forbids disclosure.”

Flynn was master of ceremonies at an informal show in which his actress wife, Patrice Wymore, and dark-haired film star Olga San Juan participated. All three donated their services.

The three arrived from Rome this afternoon via a 7167th Special Air Mission Sq C47 piloted by Capt Keith D. Hicks of Albuquerque, N.M., and with Capt A. T. Neiss of Wayzata, Minn., as copilot.

In addition to the surprise package, Flynn also raffled off photos of movie stars. Two airline tickets also were distributed as a door prize.

The crowd, estimated by to management at more than 900, jammed the main ballroom to watch the star-studded cast and listen to music supplied by the Air Force’s “Sky Tones.”

The Flynns brought along their 15-week-old daugther, Arnelia.

Cal George G, Garton, secretary of the Joint Staff, EUCOM Hq, won the door prize airline tickets and immediately offered them to be raffled off at the polio benefit.


Actor Errol Flynn poses with a beer mug and alpine hat as he arrives at the Rhein-Main airport in February, 1954. GEORGE PENN/STARS AND STRIPES

Actor Errol Flynn poses with a beer mug and alpine hat as he arrives at the Rhein-Main airport in February, 1954.




— Mary Ann


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    August 31, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    I find it interesting that along with”dark-haired film star, Olga San Juan” because for most of her career she was a blonde. I also find it interesting because being of Puerto Rican background myself, as was Ms. San Juan, she was one of my mother’s favorite actresses. Ms. San Juan who was also married to Edmond O’Brien was also in the cast of one of my favorite musical films, “One Touch of Venus” which starred Ava Gardner, who starred with Errol in “The Sun Also Rises” and Dick Haymes who married the second Mrs. Flynn, Nora Eddington.–A. R.

  2. Tim

    August 31, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    Interesting, indeed, ILIKEFLYNN!

    Errol must have attracted international actresses the old papers used to refer to as “Spitfires”: Lili, the French Spitfire – Lupe (Velez), the Mexican Spitfire – and Olga – the Puerto Rican Spitfire.

    Also interesting, I think, is that Patrice was thought to have looked like Lauren Bacall, and that – if my facts & interp[retations are correct – she became Errol’s co-star, and then wife, because Bacall dropped out of making Rocky Mountain.

    Olga, Errol & Patrice



      September 1, 2013 at 2:30 am

      Actually according to IMDB, she was known as the “Puerto Rican Pepperpot!” (whatever that means), but I guess back then saucy and sexy latin women were thought of as “spitfires”. Thanks for posting the photo. You may be right about the “Rocky Mountain” casting, which shows how strange fate can be. As far as the resemblance business I, personally don’t see it, but Patrice might have been thought of as a “Lauren Bacall” type to casting directors which is, if the casting change is true, why she was chosen for the part.–A. R.

      • Tim

        September 2, 2013 at 12:30 am

        Ah, Si! The Puerto Rican Pepperpot!! A very popular Caribbean dish – from Brooklyn!!!

        As with some images of Bacall & Patrice, Olga sometimes bears a resemblance to Lili Damita, perhaps. She had to be something special for bot Errol AND Estaire to appear with her in their varying venues:


        P.S. Looks like The Duke in striped pants Behind Estaire!

        • ILIKEFLYNN

          September 2, 2013 at 1:48 am

          Olga was born in Brooklyn, NY of Puerto Rican parents. She moved with her family to Puerto Rico when she was little and then her family moved back to New York after a few years in PR. So she grew up in New York. That is probably why she barely shows a hint of any accent as evidenced in “One Touch of Venus”!
          I see what you mean about looking like someone in certain photos as the guy behind Astaire does kind of resemble a young John Wayne.!–A. R.