UnLike Flynn

26 Sep

As evidence to show anyone who doubts how transcendent Errol Flynn was on the big screen, here’s “Fire of England”, with Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. Very much like Sea Hawk, except that Laurence Olivier (often hailed as the greatest actor in the world) pales in comparison to Errol Flynn. Take a look, for example at ~ the 10 to 11 minute mark of the film. Sir Larry clearly couldn’t carry Errol’s scabbard. (Nor Flora Robson’s.)

This is my first entry in an “UnLike Flynn” series. Please join in with your “UnLike Flynn” candidates. I started with the favorite of many an anti-Errol elitist (including Bette Big Eyes) – the big L.O.

Here’s Errol, the real deal:

The Sword Fights of Errol Flynn from Russ McClay on Vimeo.

— Tim

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  1. zacal

    September 26, 2015 at 3:10 am

    Flynn’s performance in “The Sea Hawk” is so underrated. Quiet, simple and, most importantly, sincere. His only shot at Shakespeare was that incredible scene in “Too Much, Too Soon”. But you see what he’s capable of in his swashbucklers. From what I’ve read, Flora Robson criticized Errol for not knowing his lines, saying it would cause her to be late for her next assignment. Errol responded by learning his lines, which greatly pleased her. I always wondered if this is why his performance in this film is so good.