Dame Olivia

Olivia de Havilland, Errol Flynn’s greatest leading lady, has been made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth at the age of 100. (Her birthday is July 1, 1916.) www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4612154/Olivia-Havilland-100-oldest-Dame.html… — zacal

“My Favorite Year” revisited

Richard Benjamin reminisces about the making of the Flynn-inspired comedy classic “My Favorite Year” with Peter O’Toole as swashbuckler Alan Swann. (Which resulted in an Oscar-nomination for O’Toole.) It includes interesting insight into O’Toole’s training for the sword scenes. Oh, to have watched those rehearsals. www.accessatlanta.com…… — zacal

Tasmanian Tiger Lives??

New video footage from February of this year suggests that the “extinct” Tasmanian Tiger is still alive! Here’s a link to the story and (short) video. www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3773765/Thylacine-thought-extinct-caught-camera-South-Australian-backyard.html… — zacal

Happy 100th Birthday, Olivia! – July 1st

July 1st was the 100th birthday of our favorite leading lady. To commemorate the last of the golden age stars, here’s a link to a nice article which includes this quote: “There are no words to describe my feelings for Errol Flynn.” www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3680085/Gone-Wind-s-Olivia-Havilland-100-confesses-love-Errol-Flynn-didn-t-want-work-ex-Jimmy-Stewart-s-Wonderful-Life.html… — zacal

Sean Flynn, author Michael Herr and “Dispatches”

Author Michael Herr has passed.(www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3658815/Michael-Herr-author-Vietnam-era-Dispatches-dies.html…) Herr was the author of “Dispatches”, a book about the Vietnam war that featured Sean Flynn, the war-photographer who subsequently inspired Dennis Hopper’s character in “Apocalypse Now”. Indeed, Michael Herr was tapped by Francis Coppola to write the famous narration for “Apocalypse Now” once the principal photography had finished. I don’t know if this article has been… (more…)

Missed Casting – “China Seas” (1935)

“China Seas” was the original “Die Hard”, a true classic adventure film from the Golden Age of movies. Adapted from a 300 page novel by Crosbie Garstin, it’s a story of modern day Pirates that attack a cruise ship in search of a hidden treasure being guarded by the tough as nails English Captain Alan Gaskell, wonderfully played by Clark Gable. …Wait,… (more…)

Letter from Sean

A letter from Sean Flynn to his father recently sold in auction. Apparently, Errol had suggested to Sean that he should become an actor and the 16 year old Sean angrily rejected the idea. An angry 16 year old is not surprising. But I don’t think a father encouraging his handsome son that he could be successful in films is… (more…)

Return to the Garden of Allah

Errol is mentioned a few times in this article about the Garden of Allah. For example: “The inveterate womaniser Errol Flynn initially shared a villa with British star David Niven, but liked to return to the Garden in between marriages so he could misbehave freely. Flynn had a particular seduction technique at the Garden — his villa faced the pool… (more…)

Let’s Hunt For Treasure

by Errol Flynn archive.org…… — zacal

Digital Flynn

I’m able to create new images of Errol Flynn with my laptop. How long until there’s a new adventure from an actual studio using Errol’s image and voice? Robin Hood lives. — zacal