‘The Year of Living Dangerously’

There is mention of Errol in today’s Washington Post. There was an obituary of Christopher J. Koch, the author of  ‘ The Year of Living Dangerously’. Apparently, Mr. Koch’s mother went to high school in Tasmania with Errol Flynn. Mr. Koch later went to the same high school and sat at a desk in which Errol’s initials were carved. Later, Mr. Koch shared with Errol the distinction of being kicked out of the school. Actually, the obituary was also quite interesting in its discussion of Mr. Koch’s feelings about the movie and  how the movie was made. I remember it being  terrrific . Mel Gibson starred, and Linda Hunt won an Academy Award for best supporting actress. Mr. Koch’s book was compared favorably with those of Graham Greene. Obviously, quite talented people from Tasmania!   Kevin Kiernan

— kevin kiernan

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