A Year for Paternity? — — 75 Years Ago Today

19 Oct

Did Errol conceive two children in 1940? Sean, and Marilyn??

Shirley, or Shirley Not??


Oct. 18, 1943: Los Angeles is in the middle of a paternity suit brought by Shirley Evans Hassau, 21, against Errol Flynn. Hassau charged that Flynn was the father of her daughter Marilyn, who was 3. Hassau was seeking $1,750 a month child support, $10,000 in attorneys fees, $5,000 for hospital expenses and $2,000 in court costs.

An aunt, Florence Muller of San Francisco, had raised Marilyn since she was 5 weeks old and refused to let Hassau see her, The Times said.

Hassau’s suits against Flynn were dismissed in 1951. In 1940, two weeks after Marilyn was born, Flynn agreed to pay Hassau $2,000 although he denied being the father. The actor said he wanted to avoid a long court trial and adverse publicity.

— Tim


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  1. Gentleman Tim

    October 21, 2018 at 10:31 pm

    “[Marilyn] has three grandsons. A picture of her daughter and grandsons sits on a family room table. The oldest strongly resembles Flynn. For him, learning his grandfather was a famous actor has been “a wonderful thing,”

    Shirley looked like Marilyn Monroe in this earlier photo of her, when Flynn would have had a fling with her, after meeting her at the Beachcomer:…

    Mail Bag! Shirley Hassau photo!

    • Gentleman Tim

      October 23, 2018 at 1:03 am

      The Beacomber was the place to be. Rudy Vallee, David Niven, The Marx Brothers, et al/frequented by many of the best lookin’, most exciting women in Hollywood. Could it get any more cool than that? Not when Errol Flynn was there it couldn’t.


      “You could enjoy colorful drinks such as a Zombie or a Vicious Virgin in the Cannibal Room, which was a private dining area upstairs, or be satisfied with the sound effects of a tropical rainstorm in the public dining area downstairs. The restaurant served Polynesian and Chinese food, and celebrities who were regulars—the Marx Brothers, Greer Garson, Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone, Rudy Vallee—had personalized chop sticks provided for them. They were kept in a locked cabinet in the middle of the restaurant.”

      Here’s an article including some of the incredible autobiography of its “spinner of tall tales” founder and alleged world-travelling adventurer, Don the Beachcomber. His claim to have been in Papua New Guinea makes me wonder if he or Errol ever heard of one another there, before they each ended up in HollywoodLand.…