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Mail Bag! A few Words from TJR McDowell!

26 Aug

Got this nice message from TJR McDowell:

Sean Flynn with Errol …

David: I spent some time today looking over your Flynn Blog. It really is extraordinary, the best blog on the internet. I’ve been fortunate enough to be allowed to post a few things about Flynn, and it’s been very gratifying. Flynn has popped up in my life at the oddest times.

I went to a school named Lawrenceville in NJ, and my math teacher, Mr. Parks, an old fossil but nice guy, occasionally would talk about Sean Flynn who he’d also taught at Lawrenceville. Errol visited once on parents day, and Mr. Parks met him and said he was friendly and proud of Sean. We were asked to pray for Sean at chapel (this was in 1972, my 8th grade year), as I think it was his birthday, and he was still missing in Cambodia.

I know a guy from Sean’s class who said Sean was a nice low key guy, who struggled (like everyone there) in class, but excelled on the swim team..I knew another fellow in London name Colin Crewe who told me he spent a day with Errol in the late 1950’s when he worked for Lloyds of London and was insuring Errol for a film and assigned to tag along with him for a day, and that Flynn wore this beautiful blue wool suit and Colin went out the next day and bought one.

Then there was Robin Moore whom I knew slightly, wrote French Connection, and he told me about hanging out with Flynn in Jamaica, teasing the native dogs and hitting on the native women, and how Flynn once fought with a young Chris Blackwell, the record magnate, whose family lived in Jamaica. Then there was an in depth article I wrote for Premiere Magazine all about the Garden of Allah, and there were sundry Flynn stories here; I interviewed everyone from Hal Roach to Cesar Romero to Billy Wilder to Glen Ford who had me over and we talked for hours and he thought Flynn was a man’s man but basically a sad guy.

Lastly, I once interviewed Charles Higham, who wrote the untold story, the weirdest most dysfunctional misanthropic con man I’ve ever spoken with, a sick guy who was into exploiting everyone to make a living; his book was sheer invention calculated to get on best seller lists everywhere, which it did.

That’s my two cents!

All best, Rider

Thanks, TJR …

— David DeWitt


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Mail Bag! King & Queen Meet the Stars!

31 Jul
Hello David,
Here’s another video with my favorite actor…
Thanks to: Carol Kramer

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Something for You to See! Errol Flynn Tribute!

28 Jul
I am having the best time wandering around your Errol Flynn Blog.
Came across this Flynn Tribute video.  WOW!  Take a look

Thanks, Carol Kramer …

Thank you, Carol!

— David DeWitt

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Mail Bag! Olivia deHavilland PRINCESS O’ROURKE!

25 Jul

From Karl Holmberg:

“Generally considered the film that caused Olivia de Havilland to sue Warner Brothers over contract rights. She won the lawsuit, resulting in California Labor Code Section 2855, informally known as the “De Havilland Law”.”

Gotta wonder if “Chas” (an Oscar winner for that year!) didn’t also help that along a little…

(According to Piper Laurie in her memoirs (Learning To Love Out Loud), Charles Coburn loved pinching women’s bottoms. It was for him like a tic. Every female under one hundred and five had to move fast around.)

PRINCESS O’ROURKE, Olivia de Havilland, 1943

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Errol & Dorothy Malone!

23 May

Thanks to Karl Holmberg!

Too Much, Too Soon …

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Jack Marino interviews Richard Erdman!

20 Mar

Here is the wonderful Richard Erdman interview from Jack Marino’s Warrior Filmmaker Show on LA Talk Raidio: Thanks, Jack for letting us post it!

Richard Erdman appeared in Objective Burma!

Forgotten Heroes the Movie

— David DeWitt


Mailbag! Zaca Rotting Away in Villefranche circa 1979!

10 Mar

Tip o’ the hat to Karl Holmberg for pointing them out

— David DeWitt


Jim Turriello’s The Quest for the Oscar!

25 Feb

The mailbag rings news that Jim Turriello’s book The Quest for the Oscar is now out in Hardback. And, he notes, his idea for a museum dedicated to Oscar films and related material such as costumes and props is basically being built now dedicted to all films produced by Hollywood. His main concern was, is, and always will be their policy about awarding deceased actors Oscar recognition. The Academy said it would be immposdible to fund such a Museum. Jim’s idea was to award actor an honorary Oscar on the tv show and display it the next day in the Museum avoiding their concern that the family might sell off the Oscar to a collector. He was surprised to hear actress Laura Dern announce the construction of a big new movie museum!

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Errol Flynn Film Grosses in North America!

12 Dec

The Mail Bag brings this from our member RobJack …

Hi all,

I’ve been a big fan of EF for over 40 years and regularly check your site and make a few comments from time to time …

One thing that has interested me is the box office grosses of EF’s films in the North American market from the mid 1940s onwards.  Some of these figures in the attachment are from the references sources on Wikipedia (ie Variety and some Journal articles); others (Cross Swords & Big Boodle) are sourced from the greenbriar picture show website.

There are some that are missing – would any of the contributors to the blog have any information on the missing ones??


Thanks for your question …


— David DeWitt


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Mail Bag! A kid named after Errol Flynn …

05 Dec

I got this message from Jack Marino today, as I was about to go to bed but I wanted to put this on the blog because it is important …

Jack writes:

Years ago, I did some work for Rider Mcdowell and Victoria Knight McDowell. They are the founders of Air-Borne and Pine Bros cough drops. Rider is also a filmmaker and a big Errol Flynn aficionado, so much so that he named his first born son ERROL McDowell.

“Today, I found out that their son Errol passed away last June at the age of 18 of cancer from a brain tumor. Before Errol left this earth he raised over a million dollars for cancer research and his parents are continuing to this very day. Their goal is to raise 325 million for a cure for cancer by raising one dollar per American or anything you feel like giving towards this goal.

“Go to… and read about this incredibly talented young man and what he went through. I asked all my friends on Facebook, to share this link, and those of you that have lost loved ones to cancer here is an opportunity to help out.

“You won’t find a more determined couple in Rider and Victoria McDowell that can pull this Herculean feat off to raise this money to end cancer once and for all. Let’s all get on an donate not only for Errol but all these young children and adults that have cancer …”

There is a video on the page that is all about how young Errol was (and is, even after his passing) helping others. At the time, he had been cured of his cancer and was full of promise. He wanted to spend a day with YoutTube star Casey Neistat and had that day. Watch the video!

You can help, too, to save others.

— David DeWitt