Did Errol Ever Meet Otto?

09 May

Heinz Kampel sends me this private misdive then grants us a new Mail Bag item! Thanks!

I am currently writing an article called “Der Nazi im Mond” (“The Nazi in the Moon”) and during my researches finally managed to locate the daughter of Otto Skorzeny, the SS man who in a daring mission snatched Benito Mussolini from Italy, when the Duce was put under house arrest at a remote hotel high in the Appenin mountains.She is 83 years old kindly agreed to do an interview with me. Her son Robin (!) assisted. Right off  the bat, I asked if she knew, if Otto and Errol ever met. Skorzeny moved to Mallorca after being cleared at the Nuremberg trials and the EF blog`s own Ventu Sala indicated, his house was not too far from Errol`s Es Moli- that being on an island though. Not to her knowledge, but she remembered Rudi`s Bar (Chez Rudi « The Errol Flynn Blog) quite vividly- Skorzeny went there quite often. His idea of an ideal night was being recognized in the streets of Majorca, getting invited to dinner and then recounting his rescue mission of Mussolini to an awed crowd at lenght. “…alpha male and penny pincher that he was…” (O-Tone). I think Errol and Otto would have gotten along quite well, they even may have traded punches. LOL! If they ever met, it could have been in Argentina at the film festival, for Otto established the structures of secret services for Peron, and for Nasser and…King Hussein of Jordan. Saw an inscribed photo of the king in full regalia. I saw a photo of Skorzeny with Hitler in their family album too. The 6 foot 4 henchman and the Austrian madman in unison- SCARY! Manfred Lentner, the convicted crew member of Freddie McEvoy was cut out of the same wood. Same stature, same ideology (volunteered at 17, one year short of graduation). Fred and Freddie met along the so-called rat line (Rome-Genova- South America), the route paved by the Vatican for nazis with dreams of a Forth Reich. This story surrounding the untimely death of Errol Flynn`s best man Freddie Mac has still to be told!

All the best,

— David DeWitt

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