Mail Bag! Errol Flynn’s boat TONGA!

16 Nov

In the Mail Bag come this message about Errol Flynn’s Tonga:

To whom it may concern,

I recently found your blog site and loved reading about Flynn. With that in mind I recently purchased the stern name from his boat Tonga. I am very interested in learning anything you know about the boat. When did he own it and and stories you know. Above all I would love to find any photos of the boat especially with any clarity as most are fuzzy. This is the name I purchased from the boat and was gifted to a family in st Pete who sailed it many years ago.

Thank you in advance for any info or photos you have of it? Also it’s rumored Flynn sold out gifted it to the zorro actor John carrol…any knowledge of that would be helpful.

I’m very interested in what you find. I am in love with the Tonga piece I bought it’s really cool and amazing looking in person. Here are some articles I found.

The Tonga articles:

If you scroll down on the larger boats they list the Tonga and Flynn as original owner.…wiki/Wirth_Munroe

Cool article that mentions the tonga was a used by celebrities in honor of Flynn.…content/uploads/2018/01/Hotel-Scarface-Daily-Mail.pdf…archive/1995/09/30/on-the-water-on-the-run/?outputType=amp

News clipping about the Tonga…archive/1995/09/30/on-the-water-on-the-run/?outputType=amp

My best,

Scott Sensenbrenner


Thanks, Scott!

— David DeWitt

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