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Sorry Margaret

22 Feb

February 22, 1935

Jimmy Starr
Evening Herald Express

Margaret Lindsay’s heavily bandaged wrist, a badly wrenched shoulder, and several black and blue marks all the cause of an overly-enthusiastic newcomer to the screen, handsome Errol Flynn, Irish actor, brought here from England by Warner Brothers.

When Mr. Flynn was cast in a small role in The Case of the Curious Bride, his first scene was with Miss Lindsay. He was to grab here and fake a terrible struggle. Mr. Flynn, ex-gold miner of New Guinea, pearl-fisher of the South Seas and boxer in the Olympic Games of 1928, suddenly became much too realistic in his handling of the fair heroine.

Director Michael Curtiz, enjoying the excitement of the splendid struggle, was too engrossed in getting action in his pifture to stop the rough treatment of his star. At the finish of the scene, however, Maggie was rushed to the studio hospital, where she was treated for severe bruises and her sprained wrist.

It is needless to say that Mr. Flynn has been warned to curb his “realism” in the future.

February 23, 1935

By Peter Pry
Behold Them Minus Hokum
Hollywood Citizens News

Errol Flynn, the he-man Irish actor under contract to Warners who previously was an Olympic Games boxer, does not entirely realize his strength. For a scene in The Case of the Curious Bride he was told to grab Margaret Lindsay by the wrist and throw her across the room. He did as he was told. Margaret landed 12 feet away. Her hand and arm began to swell with alarming speed. First aidcarrived and the swelling members were taped up. But director Michael Cuttiz said it was a wonderful scene.

— Tim


Ahoy All Boys

21 Feb

February 21, 1938

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

Here’s a vacation offer to fit any boy’s dream.

Errol Flynn has decided to give two youngsters, between the ages of 15 and 18, a chance to accompany him on his Carribean cruise.

The star originally invited the Mauch twins, but they are going into a western picture at Warners and won’t be able to make the trip.

So Flynn is going to extend the opportunity to two other boys.

Anybody has a chance, but certain qualifications are necessary.

First of all, the consent of the parents. No boy who runs away from home will be given consideration.

Secondly, the star wants boys who have had an elementary training in seamanship and who possess some knowledge of the mathematics of navigation.

The cruise is to be made in the star’s yacht, Sirocco, and the sailing date is about the middle of March. Flynn plans to be gone six weeks. With him on the boat will be the captain, the two lucky boys and a couple of the actor’s men’s friends.

Don’t write this reporter for more information. Address all communications to Flynn at the Warners Brothers studio, in Burbank, California.

— Tim


Warner Downtown Theatre, Los Angeles, Robin Hood! 1938!

20 Feb

Warner Downtown Theatre, 1938 featuring Robin Hood …

1938 …

1938 …

2020, location of Warner Downtown Theatre, Los Angeles, 1938 …

— David DeWitt


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Rory Flynn! 1970’s

20 Feb

— David DeWitt

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Leading the Charge

20 Feb

February 18, 1936

Jimmy Starr
Evening Herald Express

For his splendid directorial work on Captain Blood, Michael Curtiz has been awarded the important task of wielding the megaphone on The Charge of the Light Brigade. again starring new rave Errol Flynn, which will be one of the most lavishly produced on the Warner lists this season.

And now a whack from Lizzie Yeaman…

February 18, 1936

Elizabeth Yeaman
Hollywood Citizen News

The directorial stock of Michael Curtiz has soared many points since the rekease of Captain BloodThe Charge of the Light Brigade. This picture will be a big special production with a budget even larger than that established for Captain Blood. Curtiz, futhermore, is well qualified by experience to direct this story of the Crimean War. For four years he fought as an officer in the Austrian calvary during the World War, and he also served during two Austrian revolutions. Flynn, meanwhile, is rapidly recovering from his appendix operation.

— Tim


Captain Morgan ⛵🐕🌴 The Wizard of Dogs

19 Feb

February 17, 1939

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

The Frank Morgan yacht is being equipped with a dog house for his five dachshunds. Errol Flynn’s gesture is tops, though. When the Irish star took his dog, Arno, on a cruise last summer, he installed potted palms on a deck of the boat.

Frank had the perfect name for a dachshund devotee, Moreover, the man behind the curtain loved all kinds of canines. Indeed, The Wiz earned an Oscar nomination for his poignant love of mutts as “Pirate” in Steinbeck’s Tortilla Flat.

On top of all that, he was a skilled Hollywood yachtsman. Here he is doing a happy hula following his winning of the 1947 TransPac on his beloved Dolphin II.

Bellamy, Morgan & Flynn (The actors, not the law firm)

Not to rub Frank’s nose in it, but … despite all that, Captain Morgan had nothin’ on Captain Blood, who pampered his pup with parties and potted palms. Errol may have been in a dog house a time or two, but never Arno.


BTW – Speaking of dachshunds – Toto was not Dorothy’s first dog in TWOO. Otto, a doxie, was, owned by Wicked Margaret Hamilton, no less! …Here’s Otto, hanging out with Judy in Kansas. …He wasn’t in Kansas anymore, nor Oz, though, after MGM big wigs decided they did not want a perceived German breed while war was brewing in Europe.…

— Tim


First Annual Blue Ribbon Invitational Tennis Tournament at the Palm Springs Racket Club

18 Feb

Featuring images of the Racket Club from various years…

On February 7, 1951, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported:

“On Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 17 and 18, the First Annual Blue Ribbon Invitational Tennis Tournament will be held at the Palm Springs Racquet Club … Among those expected to enter are Kirk Douglas, Cornel Wilde, Gilbert Roland, Lex Barker, Errol Flynn, Peter Lawford, Mickey Rooney, Dinah Shore, George Montgomery, Paul Henreid, Van Johnson, Frank Sinatra, Evelyn Keyes, Tony Martin, Jimmy Ritz, Dick Haymes, Dane Clark, Marguerite Chapman, Mark Stevens and Dean Jagger. Some of filmtown’s best tennisers aren’t on that list, but there’s still plenty of talent there.”

— Tim


An effigy for Errol

17 Feb

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I came across a curious item auctioned off last week bearing Errol`s (first) name.

The seller announced it like this:

Wonderfully expressive, signed vintage carved statue from Rose Hall, Jamaica, depicting a kneeling bearded gentleman with hands clasped around his middle. Solid, one piece carving from a dense, medium brown color wood, possibly mahogany, polished to a nice sheen, slight crack on base behind figure. Signed on underside of base, “Errol,” Rose Hall, Little River Ja(maica.) Coincidentally, the famous hotel in Jamaica, Rose Hall, is where legendary Hollywood actor Errol Flynn spent a great deal of time. Material: wood. Measurement: approximate 26″ (INCHES). Shipping: $100; different rate to Alaska, California, Hawaii & all International.

Now if it served him simply as a good luck charm, as epitome of virility or as a shield against evil spells we may never know, but it is attached to another Flynn film project of later years.

Our Hollywood hero contemplated making a movie out of  Herbert George de Lisser`s 1929 novel “The Witch from Rose Hall”. Mr. Lisser wrote for Jamaica`s The Gleaner and was the editor of the yearly “Rum Punch” publication about the island`s Who`s who and the How much…

In the book main character Robert Rutherford is sent to Jamaica to learn the planter`s business from the bottom up. He becomes the overseer at Rose Hall. The owner, young widow Mrs. Palmer, whose three husbands have all died under suspicious circumstances, gets attracted to him. So does the housekeeper Millicent.

Read about fine line between fact and fiction here:

Annie Patterson: the “White Witch” of Rose Hall between Reality and Legend.

In April of 1957 a Gleaner article announced that the filming of “The White Witch of Jamaica” to begin the following year. Flynn would produce it together with director Marquis Warren from a screenplay by James Edward Grant (a John Wayne regular).

At first Vivian Leigh had been considered for the lead. Then it was Ava Gardner who took sole pole position. She had expressed interest in the project, since her long running contract with MGM would conveniently come to an end in 1958. The title of the movie had meanwhile expanded to “The White Witch of the Indies”.

On July 10th of `57 Errol wrote a letter to MGM studio head Benny Thaw to get green light for Ava`s particpation:

” I went with Grant to Madrid a few days ago to see Ava Gardner..Ava appeared extremely interested in this property, and doing it with me…I would like to ask you personally…if it is true that she will be free to make any deals outside of Metro in one year`s time. TWWOTI is perfect for her as a vehicle- so can you tell me if M. is of her opinion…that she will be free to contract for her services in about a year and two months from now. 

I shall certainly appreciate a personnal word from you, Benny. I hope  Life is as pleasant for you as it is for me here. Why don`t you take a look?” Sincerely EF

What sounded like a shoo in for success in terms of resurrecting an ailing career was not to be.

Maybe a rabbit`s foot would have brought more luck.





— shangheinz


On the Set with Dad … Errol Flynn, Rory & Deirdre!

16 Feb

Thanks, Rory …

— David DeWitt


Sittin’ Like Flynn?

16 Feb

February 15, 1938

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

At the Belfast School attended by Errol Flynn, they’ve made the star’s old desk a sign of honor. The student with the highest grades of the week gets to sit in it for five days. Desk was identified by a carved inscription on the back: “Errol Flynn, 1926.”

Falsely identied, says Flynn. He remembers the incident and says that he carved his name on the desk in front of him.

Here’s how Errol looked circa the time of this alleged desk signing.

A school desk signed in 1926 Belfast by Errol Flynn? I believe that would be Errol’s most rare and valuable autograph … if it indeed ever existed! Perhaps they should have said Australia, rather than Northern Ireland. Or did Errol really attend school in Belfast???? (Possibly before or after his admission into or expulsion from Sydney Church of England Grammar(aka “Shore”)?) I think that would be news to me. In any case, what school, and what happened to the desk/where is it now??

— Tim

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