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22 Feb

February 22, 1935

Jimmy Starr
Evening Herald Express

Margaret Lindsay’s heavily bandaged wrist, a badly wrenched shoulder, and several black and blue marks all the cause of an overly-enthusiastic newcomer to the screen, handsome Errol Flynn, Irish actor, brought here from England by Warner Brothers.

When Mr. Flynn was cast in a small role in The Case of the Curious Bride, his first scene was with Miss Lindsay. He was to grab here and fake a terrible struggle. Mr. Flynn, ex-gold miner of New Guinea, pearl-fisher of the South Seas and boxer in the Olympic Games of 1928, suddenly became much too realistic in his handling of the fair heroine.

Director Michael Curtiz, enjoying the excitement of the splendid struggle, was too engrossed in getting action in his pifture to stop the rough treatment of his star. At the finish of the scene, however, Maggie was rushed to the studio hospital, where she was treated for severe bruises and her sprained wrist.

It is needless to say that Mr. Flynn has been warned to curb his “realism” in the future.

February 23, 1935

By Peter Pry
Behold Them Minus Hokum
Hollywood Citizens News

Errol Flynn, the he-man Irish actor under contract to Warners who previously was an Olympic Games boxer, does not entirely realize his strength. For a scene in The Case of the Curious Bride he was told to grab Margaret Lindsay by the wrist and throw her across the room. He did as he was told. Margaret landed 12 feet away. Her hand and arm began to swell with alarming speed. First aidcarrived and the swelling members were taped up. But director Michael Cuttiz said it was a wonderful scene.

— Tim


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