Three and a Half Women

Dear Flynnmates,

each decade of Errol`s film career produced a new wife.

In his 20s he was under marital law of French actress Lili Damita: The thrill of being Tiger Lil` « The Errol Flynn Blog

In his 30s ravishing redhead Nora Eddington, a LA county sheriff`s brat, kept him good Hollywood company: Nice Candid with Nora! « The Errol Flynn Blog

In his 40s the midwestern, down to earth dancer-actress Pat Wymore stood by him in turbulent times in Europe: Jamaica mon amour « The Errol Flynn Blog

Had he lived to see 60, he probably would have married his young protegé Beverly Aadland, who herself had started out as child prodigy: Woodsie Morningstar « The Errol Flynn Blog

Lost in the shuffle is the one unknown woman who according to Steve Hayes` fabulous “Googies- coffeeeshop to the stars” account was married to Flynn in Mexico for a weekend, but quickly had her marriage licence revoked after a short moment of burrito blizz with our Hollywood hero.

Many more were on the not too-shortlist of this marrying man: Proposin`like Flynn « The Errol Flynn Blog

They escaped fun, excitement and tragedy by a hairline.


— shangheinz

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