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pardon my french

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

what do you make of the submarinan legend, that Errol can be spotted in the 1951 film “Pardon my French” starring two Flynn(ti)mates Paul Henreid and Merle Oberon?

He supposedly philmbombed a scene at the Harbour while on his way to his ZACA sporting the full beard from “Kim”.

After solving our Hollywood hero`s whereabouts as “Lord of Shanghai” in more ways than one:…, the new task can only be to view the film and pinpoint the swaying swashbuckler.

The movie as such may have given him the idea of filming “The adventures of Captain Fabian” aka “The Bargain” aka “Bloodline” in the South of France.

PMF was shot in two versions. The second one being a French one, as was categorically required for foreign film companies by the French film authorities, which in turn provided homegrown actors and financial support.

Cap Fab deliberately fell short of these accordance and this contributed to many woes for Errol later on.

He had nothing to gain from this bargain and then he fell for William Tell…


— shangheinz

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