Errol Flynn’s Leading Lady Legend Doris Day Dies!

Sorry to report but the great Doris Day has left us at age 97. In her own autobiography Miss Day wrote how much she enjoyed kissing the great swashbuckler Errol Flynn at the end of the hilarious comedy “It’s A Great Feeling” (1949). Doris Day was a hit singer who sold millions of recordings, had a hit TV series that… (more…)

“Barry Mahon helps to destroy another Hollywood Film Great!”

I was always an admirer and fan of the ever-beautiful Rita Hayworth. After seeing all of her movie classics I tracked down her later films. Beyond the shadow of a doubt the worst film (of 61) in her long career was a soft-core pornographic film ‘The Naked Zoo’ (1970)!  It was written, directed, and produced by William Grefe.  The film… (more…)

Farewell To Would-Be Errol Flynn Swashbuckler, Gene Wilder

Movie comedian Gene Wilder died yesterday at age 83.  He left behind a legacy of 26 films including two swashbucklers.    The first is the forgotten comedy classic ‘Start The Revolution Without Me” (1970) where he delightfully co-starred with Donald Sutherland as two pairs of mixed-up, identical twins in the French Revolution of 1789.  One pair the wealthy, arrogant Aristocrats the Corsican… (more…)

“King’s Rhapsody” (1955) Flynn’s last with Anna Neagle

“King’s Rhapsody” was the second and last film that Errol Flynn had co-starred in with British Movie Queen Anna Neagle, the follow-up to their successful “Lilacs In The Spring” earlier that year in 1955. Neagle’s movie mogul husband Herbert Wilcox produced and directed this lavish production shot in the expensive CinemaScope process and filmed in beautiful EastmanColor with a cast… (more…)

‘Lilacs In The Spring’ Unheralded Errol Flynn Classic On DVD!

After the disaster of ‘The Story Of William Tell’, Errol Flynn accepted the offer of British movie/mogul/producer director Herbert Wilcox to co-star in films with his wife, then and now the one true Queen of the British cinema, Anna Neagle.   The first was a film version of the London West End musical ‘The Glorious years’, entitled ‘Lilacs In The Spring’ (1954). … (more…)

Errol Flynn with Broderick Crawford

A dear, sweet friend of mine located this rare photo from the charity benefit, the Friar Frolics in 1950 with our heroes clowning around.  Errol Flynn is on the left, with Broderick Crawford in drag right after winning an Oscar, Van Johnson on the right and Harpo Marx up front!  Sorry I missed it for the book, Thank you Inga! … (more…)

DVD of ‘The Adventures Of Captain Fabian’ si flawless and pristine!

Kino Lorber in cooperation with Republic Pictures has released a beautiful-looking DVD of one of Errol Flynn’s most forgotten and obscure films ‘The Adventures Of Captain Fabian’ (1951). There is not a single flaw in the 35MM negative and the film itself holds up splendid. Mind you the real stars of the film are Micheline Presle and Vincent Price who… (more…)

“New Errol Flynn DVD Release!”

Olive Films has released for pre-order one of Errol Flynn’s most obscure and under-rated films ‘The Adventures Of Captain Fabian’ (1951). The film was expensively produced by Republic Pictures and shot overseas in Paris, France. Frankly it’s a dark, gothic story starring Vincent Price and Micheline Presle (the director William Marshal’s wife) as an evil couple in grand old New… (more…)

Unreleased Nicole Kidman Film ‘Princess Grace’ will air on LIFETIME Channel

We had spoken here at the blog about the big-budget film production ‘Princess Grace’ starring Nicole Kidman in the title role. It was shot at least two years ago but the producers decided against releasing it to theatres. It is scheduled to be telecast May 25, 2015 on the LIFETIME Channel, with many repeats. The rumors in Hollywood were that… (more…)

Director Of ‘Last Of Robin Hood’ Dies

Richard Glatzer, who did superb work co-writing and co-directing ‘The Last Of Robin Hood’ died Tuesday March 10, 2015 from advance complications of ALS (“Lou Gehrig’s Disease”). Together with Wash Westmoreland, they wrote and directed five films, including most notably last year’s acclaimed motion picture ‘Still Alice’ which won a Best Actress Oscar for Julianne Moore’s performance. Sadly these two… (more…)