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Flynn v. Flynn

08 Feb

All Rise. Flynn versus Flynn is in session.…

— Gentleman Tim


The Palm Beach Story

19 Dec

Visiting with the Vietors


Last year I published a post entitled “A Stay at Palm Beach with the Jell-O Queen” about Errol & Lili’s visit/vacation at Southwood, the prominent mansion of Eleanore Emily Woodward Vietor.*

A Stay at Palm Beach, with the Jell-O Queen

In response to that post, I received correspondence from a descendent of the Vietors, who has very generously sent some clarifying and enhancing information, including in part the following news articles, the first of which reports (with a corrected date) on the party given for Errol & Lili in 1938. Look at that guest list! The Crockers (parents of Zaca owner Templeton Crocker), the Pillsburys (with all their dough), Howie Hughes, and E.F. Hutton (…), among many other deep pockets and Cafe Society-Era socialites.


Southwood also had a fascinating JFK connection:


See, also, for an account of the Robin Hood Parody film starring Errol, Lili, Paulette Goddard, et al.:



* Southwood was only a very short walk from Mar-a-Lago, the new Winter White House, designed by the very same architect, Marion Sims Wyeth. … Not that anyone who was anyone on Palm Beach in those days would deign to undertake such a horrendously plebeian trek without chauffeur and vetements formels.

— Gentleman Tim



14 Oct


FIRST PITCH – Right Down the Middle

With the summer season of Cricket beginning Down Under, who was “The Errol Flynn of Cricket”?



What film did both Errol and Lili appear in?

This being a Hall of Fame-level pitch, I provide the following batting tips
(not that they’ll likely help much – this a very, very tough one!):

> It was produced by Howard Hughes.

> Paulette Goddard co-starred.

> E.F.Hutton was involved.

> It was filmed entirely outside California.


— Gentleman Tim


Mail Bag! Lili Damita & Friend!

19 Sep

Our esteemed friend and Flynnophile Karl Holmberg sends us this from t the wilds of the Internet:

Polly want a … Parrot?


From the Samuel Goldwyn production “The Rescue” … 1929, directed by Herbert Brenon. Stars Ronald Coleman and Lily Damita in her first American film. Santa Cruz Island.

Special Thanks, Karl!


— David DeWitt


$3.875 Million

28 Jul…


— Gentleman Tim


Lili’s Birthday – No. 111

10 Jul

Born July 10, 1905


— Gentleman Tim


Patrice Interview Video

29 Mar

While looking for info on Flynn and Jamaica I found this video. I wish there was more.

— twinarchers


Sure He’s Married, And He Likes It

04 Feb

February 4, 1945…

Errol and NoraErrol and nora toasting

Errol and Nora Married

— Gentleman Tim


New Years with Errol — Ring in with Flynn

31 Dec

New Years with Nora And Ida:…

Errol and Nora

On the A++ Guest List at one or more of Jack & Mary Benny’s legendarily lavish New Years Eve Parties:
Lucy lived right next to the Benny’s, on Roxbury…


— Gentleman Tim