Peter Valenti’s book on Errol Flynn

Have any of you here ever read this book by professor and author Peter Valenti; Errol Flynn – A Bio-Bibliography..? I bought this book as soon as it came out (’84) back then and found it interesting. It prods through difrent avenues in what was, could’ve been, and what other authors wrote about him, etc.; his movies – radio, interviews –… (more…)

I find it a little Sheepishly fun…

I always raveled in Errol’s funny telling tales as when he young and down and out Down-Under, such as my fav;  having to take a job castrating sheep with his teeth, all the while his nose was stuck up their crusty arse’s !!! (LOL!) I know he was down and out real bad, but they did have shears for that job, I don’t… (more…)

The French Connection

Hello EFBloggers Its story time again! So, a few years back I was on tour in Europe with my band, and it came time during this leg of the tour were we would have a few days of down time before continuing with the rest of the tour. At this particular moment we were in France, and in being so,… (more…)

The Sahara Connection

Many years ago I remember a conversation I had with a gentlemen who was family, though not blood related- my brothers and I considered him like an uncle, in fact we called him uncle John. He was involved with real estate in NJ where we lived at the time, he also dabbled in places like South Florida and Los Angeles… (more…)

Cooper and the Captain’s Sword

Rock legend Alice Cooper mentioned that he had the sword of Captain Blood, himself, Errol Flynn – The same in fact, once used in the movie. The worst part for me was the he mentioned that this was the same in which I’ve personally seen him using while performing in his many rock shows.  We all know that Alice is  deranged, or… (more…)