Cooper and the Captain’s Sword

Rock legend Alice Cooper mentioned that he had the sword of Captain Blood, himself, Errol Flynn – The same in fact, once used in the movie.

The worst part for me was the he mentioned that this was the same in which I’ve personally seen him using while performing in his many rock shows.  We all know that Alice is  deranged, or plays the part on stage, yet I somewhat think it must follow him throughout; why would anyone use this sword, once used by the legendary Errol Flynn portraying Captain Peter Blood, in the famous movie “Captain Blood” (1935)?

My question to Alice would be; was this the same/actual sword used in that famous scene in which he pierces through Levasseur (Basil Rathbone) on the rocky shore lines (Catalina Island) and kills him? Or was it a secondary sword (extra), prop maybe? This would make a big difference. If so, show me proof!

It bothers me to know that someone (Cooper) would be so ignoramusly like, to take such a chance in destroying something so iconic, one of a kind, which should be either in the hands of someone who really appreciates it and remembers that one of the greatest star was born using it on this beautiful film, and/or donated to the Smithsonian Institute, so everyone has a chance to appreciate it.

Unfortunately for myself, for reasons unknown, I never ask him as we crossed path along the way, for I too was in the same world, a performing musician of that same rock world. I can assure you this though, if ever I cross him again somewhere, I will put that question to him, and as any who care so, ask also if he would like to part with it, for I would love to have this in my collection, wouldn’t you?…………

— Sergio

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