Mail Bag! New Jim Turiello Book! Flynn Photos!

12 Apr

The maile brag brings us news about the new Jim Turiello book with “Many Flynn photos, and 536 pages!

Other books in this series …

Thanks, Jim!


— David DeWitt


The Wild Life and Sad End of Arnella Flynn

08 Apr…

— Karl


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Nice Errol Flynn Portrait!

08 Apr

This is from Geoff Gowans on the Facebook version of the blog …

Thanks, Geoff!

— David DeWitt

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Interview with Gunnar Nelson

03 Apr

— Maria



01 Apr

Beginning at 8:00pm April 4 and thereafter every Monday evening @ 8:0pm in April, 41 of Flynn’s movies will be shown beginning with “Captain Blood” and ending with “Too Much, Too Soon” and all his best in-between. Check the TCM website for a more exact schedule.–A. R.


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Errol Flynn: The Illustrated Life Chronology book/volume by Robert Florczak is magnificent!

30 Mar

Yesterday after burning the midnight oil for three days I finished Robert Florczak’s superb and meticulous book “Errol Flynn: The Illustrated Life Chronology”, reading it from cover to cover as  it was impossible to put down.  At 320 large-size pages, with over  800 rare photographs, this is easily the finest, best written book on Flynn, that captures his heart and his very adventurous, restlessly, troubled soul, since Earl Conrad’s masterpiece “Errol Flynn: A Memoir”

For author Florczak this was a Herculean if not impossible task but he rose to the occasion.  Yes, we see Errol Flynn the screen movie star whom we loved on the big screen but also the deeply caring and adoring father to his children.   Unlucky in marriage to three of the world’s most beautiful women,  the readers  will come to admire Errol Flynn the man thanks,to this book.   Robert Florczak, who  acknowledges invaluable help from Flynn scholars Inga Klein and Josef Fegerel, has unearthed an enormous treasure of never before seen new material that will astonish the readers, including Errol Flynn’s lost (except for the first adventure) radio series “The Modern Adventures Of Casanova” and his ‘ghost’ film “Hello God”.

“Errol Flynn: The Illustrated Life Chronology” is both profound and brilliant and makes for unforgettable reading.  One thing is certain, Errol Flynn’s first wife Lili Damita was the most gorgeous star in Hollywood then and now.

— Ralph Schiller


Chez Rudi

30 Mar

Dear Flynnstones,

anyone who further wants to follow Madame Claudia`s footsteps tracing Flynn in Majorca, here is the place to go.

A German article recounts Errol`s funny and uncanny days at  Bar Tirol in Via Apuntadores. It sums up their frequent encounters like squeezing the quintessential EF spirit into a shot glass : “He was nice, but he drank a lot.” “Er trank viel, aber er war sehr nett” (…)

Rotund Rudi, its stocky patron, seems to have been a very giving character. There is talk, that our Hollywood hero once was not able to walk out the door. Revolving doors? The old back injury again??

Let`s just say, for a true sailor there is no dry land.


PS: The exact year when Es Moli was torn down is given as well as more information on the commemorative plaque.


— shangheinz



29 Mar

Dear Flynnstones,

an early Errol.


— shangheinz


Tracing Errol‘s Footsteps on Mallorca

23 Mar

Hello dear Flynnthusiasts,

I was fortunate enough to spend a bit over a week on Mallorca this month and, besides admiring the spectacular scenery and fascinating history, visited some of the places connected to our man Flynn.

First and foremost I spent a night at the Hotel Maricel (couldn‘t afford more) where Errol stayed several times. Of course it has been completely refurbished and modernized since then but on the outside it hasn‘t changed much.

Hotel Maricel

Hotel Maricel

Hotel Maricel

Lobby of the Hotel Maricel

Here is a view from the terrace of the Maricel – Es Moli was just behind the ugly condo buildings.

View from the terrace of the Maricel - Es Moli was just behind those ugly buildings

Of course I also looked for the remains of Es Moli. When it was demolished, a part of the tower was salvaged and set up in a small park close to the original location. It is now called Plaza la Gargola – unfortunately there is no sign explaining the origins but it is nice to know that they saved at least a small part of the building.

Plaza la Gargola

Very close by it is possible to access the beach where Es Moli once stood. Now the bay is surrounded by ugly condo buildings but if you compare today‘s view to the old picture you get a good idea of how nice it must have been there back then.


Es Moli

View from the former location of Es Moli

Last but not least I looked for the commemorative plaque set up for Errol and Pat. It wasn‘t easy to find although it is right next to a busy street but in the end I managed. I found it very touching that people there obviously had such good memories of their stay that they set up this plaque.


— Claudia


Mail Bag! Rock Hotel Flynn Signature!

20 Mar

Our friend in Flynn Jan van der Vliet of Spain Center is this fine signature and I’m using entry into the Rock Hotel ledger (Gibraltar, 1950) by Errol. Describes himself as “Pretender to the throne of Spain …

Thanks, Jan!

— David DeWitt

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