Rory Flynn Restores John Decker Portrait!

28 Jul

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— David DeWitt



28 Jul… A piece about fencing with a bit about Errol .

— tassie devil


With Photagrapher Giacolumbo, Venice, 1953

26 Jul

— David DeWitt

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Cannes, Errol Flynn interview in French!

25 Jul

— David DeWitt


The Adventures of Robin Hood’ (1938): The Original Action Picture

18 Jul

Read this! What we all ready know about the film

— tassie devil

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Bizarre But Telling Story!

16 Jul

In the current issue of the outstanding quarterly magazine Films Of The Golden Age,  issue number 105 Summer 2021, is an extensive article with actor, dancer, choreographer Christopher Riordan, who happily is still with us.   He worked with many of Hollywood’s top stars in films, television, and behind the camera including Barbara Stanwyck, Fred Astaire, Elvis Pressley,  Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra and many others.   Christopher Riordan said, “I did, at one point, I found myself working as a funeral consultant at Forest Lawn Cemetery!  I was involved in several celebrity funerals.  The first star I “buried” was Humphrey Bogart in 1957.   He is interred in the “Garden Of Memory”, which is not open to the public.  I also handled Franklin Pangborn’s funeral in 1958 and Errol Flynn’s in 1959.  As for Errol’s funeral, I distinctly remember Patrice Wymore, Errol’s long estranged wife, coming up to me and requesting that Errol’s teenage girlfriend, Beverly Aadland, be barred!”

— Ralph Schiller


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Errol Flynn Would Lead the Charge!

15 Jul

This week we are seeing the beginning of the end of Castro’s commie paradise. Castro betrayed Errol Flynn, Steve Hayes, the Cuban people and the entire world when he fought for freedom for his people and than after Errol passed away he went into the arms of the mother of all commie paradises the USSR.

If Errol was alive today he would be marching with the Cuban people in Cuba and his name would be validation for the people there to demand freedom after 60 years of total misery. A good friend of ours is in Little Havana and made me aware of all this history making events. This is an incredible event for all of us that love freedom.

Errol Flynn went to Cuba for the Hearst papers to tell the world what Castro was doing to overthrow a military dictator backed up by the American Mafia and our own CIA. After 60 years of Castros dictatorship of total communism. The people of Cuba are fed up and now have taken to the streets.

A lot of Cuban Americans like Andy Garcia are calling for the complete fall of the Castro government and the establishment of Republic style freedom. If Errol Flynn was alive he would be standing with Andy Garcia demanding the same thing, I believe Errol would find a way to get to Cuba and be with the Cuban people in person.

Viva Errol, Cuban Freedom!

Little Havana

— Jack Marino


Errol Flynn … WHY?

13 Jul


[on the squarish question mark that Errol had monogrammed on many of his shirts]  “This, my own confusion, became my trademark. My own questioning of myself … I still wear a question mark beneath my handkerchief pocket on all of my suits. I am still wondering why”.

— David DeWitt


HD Blu-ray/Digital releases-

13 Jul

Objective, Burma! starring Errol Flynn gets resurrected and released on the Warner Archive label. July 11 – July 17, 2021

— tassie devil


Historic hotel that inspired Clue board game

08 Jul

I thought this might be of interest to fellow members ……


— tassie devil


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