Errol Flynn and the Backslap Case Bahamas March 1952!

07 Apr

The “backslap” case against Duncan McMartin that took place in the Bahamas in mid-March, 1952

To set the scene, we will begin about mid-February while Errol is in Los Angeles recuperating from a fractured bone in his foot. He was injured during the filming of AGAINST ALL FLAGS on Feb. 1st. The foot was placed in a cast and Errol was given a cane to get around.

The cast was to remain for about 6 weeks, so production was halted.

But … as usual, Errol does not slow down. We pick it from there.



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IN MEMORIAM: SEAN LESLIE FLYNN: 5/31/1941-04/06/1970

06 Apr




After Errol Flynn’s Rape Trial from mid February to mid April 1943!

26 Mar

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Captain Blood Magazine Coverage Rolls into 1936!

14 Mar

A few more pages covering Flynn’s first motion picture debut in the U.S. Even Olivia, a newcomer,  gets full coverage.

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Micheline Presle, romantic interest in Captain Fabian, passes at 101!

14 Mar…

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Errol Flynn in the Early Days!

03 Mar

 Taking a break from the book articles, I thought I would present some seldom seen magazine clips of Flynn during the days of Captain Blood.

(You gotta love Olivia in her pirate outfit,…never in the film of course)




— Topper


Mail Bag! Brian Twist’s Classic Film Posters and Movie Art!

26 Feb

Brian Twist is one of the old hands in all things Errol Flynn! He writes today that he has launched a (terrific looking) new website of classic film posters and movie art and I want to share it with everybody!

He also has a new Facebook page: MOVIE SCENE

Check out MOVIE SCENE on Facebook, too.

Thanks, Bri!

— David DeWitt


Virginia City World Premier March 15, 1940!

24 Feb

During the filming of THE SEA HAWK, which began on February 1st, Warner Bros. decides to take a break from production and  present the premiere of VIRGINIA CITY  in Nevada. A 17-car train with the film’s cast, along with reporters and guests leaves Burbank, Cal. about noon on March 15th. The affair is an outstanding success through the 17th. Then it is back to wok on THE SEA HAWK on Monday morning of the 18th.

— Topper


  A Pair of 1940 Portraits of Errol Flynn! 

17 Feb

These two color photos are from a portrait shoot for Warner Bros. by famed still photographer George Hurrell. The shoot was about January 24th to 27th 1940. Both were part of a large series of pictures that would be released starting with EF-334 through to EF-363.

 The first one was released as a French-Canadian magazine cover for  Le Samedi  (The Saturday), on November 23, 1940.

 The second one was featured later on as a full page spread in the U.S. magazine, Screenland, August, 1943 issue (and later still in Errol Flynn, Movie Star).


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The Story of William Tell (plus) September 2, 1953, to End of Year!

10 Feb

    Part 4 finale:

Flynn’s troubles with producing his film about William Tell continue. An Italian court and local police are now involved for non-payment of a large variety of bills. Flynn then begins his quest to find investors to complete the picture.

Errol’s most positive highlight of this year is the birth of his daughter.

He will continue for years to come to find a way to get his William

Tell story produced …but to no avail.

All that is left is approximately 25+ minutes of Cinemascope color film, with no sound, in storage in film cans in Boston, Mass.

“It would have been a great film,” commented actor Roddy McDowall after viewing the tranche of the picture.

— Topper