Nice Color Photo from the Dodge City Parade, April 1,1939

The Mail Bag brings a nice color photo of Errol Flynn from the Dodge City Parade for the premier of the film with Errol Flynn! The sender prefers to be anonymous!

Thanks, Anon …

— David DeWitt

A Busy Errol Flynn from Late April to Late May, 1941

During the filming of Dive Bomber, in April and May, Errol is as busy working off-screen as he was making pictures.  Never a dull moment.


— Topper

Errol Flynn’s Relatives in Sligo, Ireland?

The Mail bag brings a request by Errol’s daughter Rory Flynn:

She writes –

“My grandfather‘s brother lives in Ireland (one of them) the other lives in Sydney that I know (if they’re still alive), and I know they have children but I’m just wondering if anybody has any connections to Sligo, Ireland … and knows of any of the relatives of Errol that still live in there?”
Thanks, Rory …
Sligo, Ireland

— David DeWitt

Errol Flynn Vacation Time in July, 1937

After completing filming of The Perfect Specimen in mid-July, Errol will spend the next month vacationing on his yawl Cheerio 2, with a few adventures along the way…and no Lily.

— Topper

Errol Flynn’s South American Trip, June 1940!

Errol, along with Johnny Meyer, press agent for Warner Bros., begins his South American Tour that is sanctioned by Warner’s as a good will tour. Newspapers, fan magazines, telegrams and even radio broadcasts and shows provided a variety of times, places and events. A map is provided to try and consolidate the where and when of Errol’s visits.

(you can double click a page for more detail…thank you David)


— Topper

Errol Flynn and a Busy December, 1935

 After a portrait shoot … then traveling to New York City with wife Lily (Lili, if you prefer) … and all of the fanfare for the premiere of Captain Blood in three cities, including parties, restaurants and publicity stops … Errol’s month of December was filled to the brim with activities and excitement.


— Topper

Errol Flynn and the Backslap Case Bahamas March 1952!

The “backslap” case against Duncan McMartin that took place in the Bahamas in mid-March, 1952

To set the scene, we will begin about mid-February while Errol is in Los Angeles recuperating from a fractured bone in his foot. He was injured during the filming of AGAINST ALL FLAGS on Feb. 1st. The foot was placed in a cast and Errol was given a cane to get around.

The cast was to remain for about 6 weeks, so production was halted.

But … as usual, Errol does not slow down. We pick it from there.



— Topper

IN MEMORIAM: SEAN LESLIE FLYNN: 5/31/1941-04/06/1970



After Errol Flynn’s Rape Trial from mid February to mid April 1943!

— Topper

Captain Blood Magazine Coverage Rolls into 1936!

A few more pages covering Flynn’s first motion picture debut in the U.S. Even Olivia, a newcomer,  gets full coverage.

— Topper