Mail Bag! Sean Flynn Apartment Building!

The Mail Bag brings us contemporary views of the apartment building Errol Flynn’s son Sean Flynn lived in in Paris. Debby Phielix sends them with this message:

One of the first things I do when I visit Paris is rush to the Champs Elysees. It is one of my favorite places in Paris. This time I had another goal. To find Sean’s appartment. After leaving the GeorgeV metro station it was easy to find. Next to the Longchamps store was what I was looking for. Sean Flynn’s Paris house. Ofcourse now long gone, but when I looked up I couldn’t help but wonder where in the building he lived.
I doubt there are still appartments in the building as I noticed names of offices next to the door. And it is one of the most expencive streets. I took some pictures and raised my bottle of water as a toast to father and son who are together again in heaven.
I hope the photos are good enough to post. The last one is made across the street, so you can see the whole building.

Thanks, Debby!

— David DeWitt

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