Errol Flynn comes to the rescue!

16 Jan

In late 1956 Errol Flynn went to pre-Castro’s Havana, Cuba to film “The Big Boodle” (1957) with Universal studios’ starlet Gia Scala, on loan to United Artists. In the absolutely fascinating but often heart-breaking book “Gia Scala: The First Gia” written by her loving sister Tina Scala, an incident occurred near the end of filming. Gia was a guest on Flynn’s two-mast schooner “The Zaca”, and enjoyed every minute of it. Flynn learned from Gia and Tina that their mother was dying from terminal Cancer. All her life their mother had dreamed of sailing to Hawaii.  When Flynn heard this he said “Say no more.” Errol Flynn then sent Gia and Tina to sail on the Zaca with a full crew to take her mother to Hawaii! Flynn insisted on picking up the entire cost of this journey which was a dream come true for their mother who loved the entire voyage. She later died at peace. Gia Scala and Tina were eternally grateful to Errol Flynn. Tina also writes that it was common knowledge that gorgeous movie stars who took private cruises on the Zaca were seduced by Errol Flynn! Tina said “I never asked Gia, and besides she would never tell me anyway!”

— Ralph Schiller


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  1. Gentleman Tim

    January 16, 2021 at 4:44 pm

    Good God, Gia was gorgeous, Ralph! Thanks so much for this inside story. It would be a great addition to the “Errol Helping Out” category here.


  2. Ralph Schiller

    January 17, 2021 at 7:14 pm

    Thank-you Tim for showing the highlights of Gia Scala’s film career opposite some of Hollywood’s greatest stars. Gia’s look never faded and her death at age 38 is shrouded in mystery. It was swept under the rug as a suicide but Gia Scala deserved better from the industry.