Columbus Discovers Errol and Sends Him to America

01 Dec

November 30, 1934

Jimmy Starr
Evening Herald Examiner

Irving Asher, Warners’ London laddie in charge of the foreign studio, played “Columbus” and discovered a handsome Irish chap by the name of Errol Flynn. The young newcomer proved himself in Murder in Monte Carlo. Asher figured Flynn had a better chance in Hollywood, and sent him to Jack Warner, who took a quick look at the English-made movie, snapped a contract under Flynn’s nose and gave him one of the featured leads with Kay Francis in A Present from Margate, her next film following the current Living on Velvet. Mr. Flynn, it seems has made quite an impression — and good leading men are scarce, you know.

Here’s Errol in 1934:

Irving Asher, an American, actually landed two great stars that year – the other being the lovely Laura La Plante ~ the Doris Day of her day ~ as his wife!

It was a big year for Irving! He also laid this stone:

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