Errol’s ‘lost’ films.

Errol in Murder At Monte Carlo

I have read that two of Errol earliest movies – I Adore You (1933) and Murder At Monte Carlo (1934) are considered as being ‘lost’ films.What a shame.It makes it even more remarkable that In The Wake Of The Bounty (1933) still exists.It would be wonderful if these films,or even some clips from them,turn up somewhere one day.I hope they do,as it has happened many times before with other old movies.

I have also read that Errol makes a cameo in a movie called Always Together (1947).I haven’t been able to get a copy of this movie myself,but just wondered if anyone else has seen it and if Errol is indeed in it at all? As I have read that he is,yet I have also read that his scene (or scenes) were edited out of the movie?

Then there is Hello God (1951) of which the original print is said to have been destroyed by Errol himself after an argument? Is this true and is this film ‘lost’ too?

The Story Of William Tell (1953) looks like (from the few clips available) it would have been a terrific movie also.Such a shame Errol didn’t get to finish it.

— Lollie

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