Nora Eddington Reacts to Charles Higham Allegations Interview

29 Feb

Special Thanks to Karl Holmberg!

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— David DeWitt


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    March 2, 2012 at 12:10 am

    It still amazes me how much press that book got and yet an important book like, Tony Thomas’ “The Spy Who Never Was” gets virtually none.—–A. R.

    • Tina Nyary

      March 7, 2012 at 11:37 pm

      Hi A.R.;
      How do you know that Tony Thomas’ book “The Spy Who Never Was” gets virtually no sales? Is there a site on the Internet to see these sales? That would really interest me very much!

      In regards to Higham, he very well knew human nature, our trigger points in particular our reactions to sensational news and that it will bring him instant money and fame by taking this hitch-hiking ride on that road of a very famous person. In short exploiting a famous name to the maximum and he is not alone! He and others did – and – they can milk that venue to death because the big name carrier pigeons are all dead! But are they really dead? Lets have a look at that! Everything is really a two way road -give or take!

      Who would know Higham or Bratt today if not for that fact of their unsavory writings – nobody! Writing scandals about famous people and in particular Errol – was money in their pocket a profitable venture indeed. These two knew all about human nature they also knew and most importantly how gullible and how easy swayed and influenced we are! We can be told anything as long it’s juicy and we will all “lap it up” like a starving person.

      Knowing that it is a way to fame and fortune. Dishonesty, fabrication, deception, falsehood – who cares, whom we hurt and insult – bad luck – the poor devil can’t – or better said – defend himself as the law forbids it! Dead people have no rights! I think it’s called a double whamo – please correct me if I am wrong!

      Now how does Errol come into the equation? You are right – no money for Errol but there is another advantage, a painful byproduct only but nevertheless there is one.

      That sensationalistic content, which is always more favored by people it is the black side of our human nature! Our curiosity will always be the winner! When somebody gets hurt or is in trouble the news is always worth much more than when somebody is getting an award for saving a life or another outstanding deed.
      Lets face it we all have this bad streak of curiosity in all of us and curiosity always wins. We just have to know what this or that sensation is all about! Maria (Alexis) says to Morgan Lane (Montana) “curiosity kills the cat” and I always wonder about that saying – we should all be dead as we humans are most curious and to top it Errol himself was the most curious person on earth!

      I even would go as far as saying that goodness in the eyes of the media-world is not worth printing! The portrayal of badness, particular with Errol, sadly as it is but it is a way that kept him alive! Yes alive! Wrongly or rightly, painful for many, fantasized or otherwise it is this depiction, this mystical side which nobody can explain but it did keep him alive. The questions – Did he or Didn’t he??? The everlasting questions remain, was there something to it or was it all somebody’s phantasy – is he good or is he bad? And on and on it goes!

      He created this indecipherable, impenetrable mystic, intentionally or not as a legacy of his and for the world to guess until eternity. Errol always used to enjoy a good laugh and/ or stage a great prank or be part of some good shenanigans – RIGHT, we all know that!
      I definitely would say “Errol after all has the last laugh and played his greatest prank to keep the world guessing from here to infinity.” Bung-Ho Errol!

  2. David DeWitt

    March 8, 2012 at 4:26 am

    Getting press coverage should help book sales in most cases but it is a different thing than a sales tally – and it is not a stretch to say that compared to the Higham book none of the books written about Errol outsold Highams, with perhaps the exception of Flynn’s own My Wicked, Wicked Ways… That the contends of Higham’s book has been debunked in so many ways through these follow-up publications and that those conclusions have been shared all over the world is what makes them important books, despite not being bestsellers.

    • Tina

      March 8, 2012 at 5:22 am

      Most certainly so David!

  3. Debbyphielix

    April 9, 2021 at 1:36 pm

    Heard the interview last night. Well done Nora. This Hingham is a disgusting creature. Sad to see that what he writes is the image people have of Errol these days. Errol had his bad habbits, as we all have, but he was never what was mentioned in this awful book.