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Objective, Baldwin Lake!

24 Aug

Read, see, and listen to the history and fate of Baldwin Lake, where much of Objective, Burma! was filmed:…

Objective in Color Errol in Swamp

In his day, as Errol put it in the trailer below, it was “Up the Burmese Creek without a paddle.” Today, no paddle is necessary.…

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Hola Españoles Hablando Entusiastas de Flynn

23 Aug

Errol Flynn-Mini 1…

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Uncle Sam Needed Rubber for War

13 Aug

Errol & Olivia Help Out

Rubber for Boots…



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The Evolution of Don Juan

12 Aug

Spanish Monk to Mozart, Mozart to Lord Byron, then on to Hollywood – Barrymore to Fairbanks to Flynn & Beyond:…

For French-speaking Fans of Flynn:…

Here, as the trailer accurately attests, is “The Man Who Will Forever Be the King of Adventurers”

Sweet Talking Flynn


Swashbuckling Flynn

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Did Errol Live Here (Too!)?

11 Aug

If so, when? When he first arrived in Hollywood, before he hit it big with Blood?




Hollywood Landmarks: the 1929 Villa Bonita Building

Hollywood Landmarks: the 1929 Villa Bonita Building

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Manhattan Beach Mystery

08 Aug

Was Errol really ever Master of this recently-sold-for-$4M Manhattan Beach Manse? Or is this a Suburban Flynnian Myth? Anyone out there know?

“Originally built in 1934 and owned by Errol Flynn, this exquisite home exemplifies how a historic piece can be modernized while brilliantly maintaining the elemental setting of the beach. At 4,200 square feet, this spectacular home has three levels: the ground floor accommodates the living and dining rooms, kitchen and wine area; the mid-level features a billiard room, two bedrooms, and a playroom; and the third level hosts the master suite with a large entertainment deck area with fireplace and panoramic unobstructed ocean views.

A team of experts worked to modernize this home while keeping its history. In an effort to preserve the allure of the 1930?s and the Deco era, materials such as glass and stainless steel were used to magnify the appeal and charm that time period had to offer. No detail was neglected in the creation of this magnificent rejuvenation which epitomizes the charisma of the era in which its style was born.”……

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Errol’s Girl in Cats Spat

02 Aug

Hamilton Hip Hopper vs. Mistress Marianne:…


The Lynne Flynn Fling:…

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Octopus @ Ciro’s

28 Jul

Appears Errol would have been a sushi and sashimi man.



I wonder if this is what he was having at Table 4 the night he was giving Rita Khan the eyes?

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$3.875 Million

28 Jul…


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Errol Flynn — Hand Glove “Spirit Guide”

25 Jul…


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