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Greenacres was the Place to Be

16 Sep

For Errol and a Rogue’s Gallery…

Up for Auction, but Time’s Running Out



— Gentleman Tim


Ahead of His Time

13 Sep

Errol was always ahead of his time. In this case, eighty (80) years so.

If not for his allegedly annoying moustache and smile, the movie may well have been his in ’36!…



— Gentleman Tim


Indian Fibber?

12 Sep

Bald (Eagle) Lies?

Back in July I read several fascinating articles/obituaries including references to professed associations of a prominent recently-deceased Native American to Errol. I was tempted to the post the articles but could not verify the “stunt double” claim. Additionally, there was an obviously erroneous claim that this “Lakota chief” appeared with Errol in the movie “Flaming Arrow”.

As it turns out, per the last link below, someone was apparently speaking with forked tongue!………


— Gentleman Tim


Your Vote is Requested!

12 Sep

At the IMDb Poll below:……



— Gentleman Tim


What a Dame!

06 Sep

Dame Gillian Lynne:

Still going strong with “Sensuality, Sensitivity and Sexuality”…




— Gentleman Tim


Errol Behind JW’s Bar — “Glorious In White Tie” — “New Year’s Eve, 1939 or 1940”

25 Aug

Jack Warner's Bar

The House That Jack Built……

— Gentleman Tim


Objective, Baldwin Lake!

24 Aug

Read, see, and listen to the history and fate of Baldwin Lake, where much of Objective, Burma! was filmed:…

Objective in Color Errol in Swamp

In his day, as Errol put it in the trailer below, it was “Up the Burmese Creek without a paddle.” Today, no paddle is necessary.…

— Gentleman Tim


Hola Españoles Hablando Entusiastas de Flynn

23 Aug

Errol Flynn-Mini 1…

— Gentleman Tim


Uncle Sam Needed Rubber for War

13 Aug

Errol & Olivia Help Out

Rubber for Boots…



— Gentleman Tim


The Evolution of Don Juan

12 Aug

Spanish Monk to Mozart, Mozart to Lord Byron, then on to Hollywood – Barrymore to Fairbanks to Flynn & Beyond:…

For French-speaking Fans of Flynn:…

Here, as the trailer accurately attests, is “The Man Who Will Forever Be the King of Adventurers”

Sweet Talking Flynn


Swashbuckling Flynn

— Gentleman Tim