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Flynn Fan Wants to Be the Next Bond

08 Feb

Shayer admitted that he had tremendous respect for … Errol Flynn

Model Alex Shayer Ready To Hit Hollywood…

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Chasing Errols

04 Feb…

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04 Feb

“Keeping in line with the theatrical theme, the trophy draws on spatial elements used to create theatrical space. The trophy illuminates from within a metallic bronze coloured powdercoated aluminium tube, as each trophy is symbolic of the shining talent they are awarded to. A fine slit in the aluminium narrows and intensifies the light, along which the names are engraved.”…

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A Facelift for Olas Atlas

01 Feb

“We cherish that some of the most famous people in the U.S. and Mexican political and cultural history continue to choose Mazatlan and Olas Altas as their hideaway,” said Ruiz Coppel. “From past Mexican presidents and some of the most celebrated names in Hollywood such as Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, John Wayne and Robert Mitchum to modern-day movie stars, Mazatlan will always be a quick getaway that’s not too far from home but a world away from the everyday grind.”…



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The Amazing Story of Sean’s Leica M2

31 Jan

“Sean Flynn’s Leica M2, with a Steel Rim Leica 35mm Summilux
and a strap that was hand fashioned from a parachute cord and a hand grenade pin.”

The Story of Sean Flynn’s Leica M2

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Taylor vs. Flynn

25 Jan

PULLING NO PUNCHES: All Time Awesome Aussies


By Simon Caterson January 25, 2018

As an all-purpose Australian leading man of the 1950s through to the ’70s in Hollywood, Rod Taylor was the natural screen successor to Errol Flynn. Flynn has maintained legendary status despite or because of his scandalous private life as well as his sparkling performances on screen, inspiring many biographies and biopics. Meanwhile, the impressive acting career of Taylor, who died in 2015 at the age of 84 after appearing in more than 50 feature films has been neglected.

The DVD/VOD release of Rod Taylor – Pulling No Punches is a welcome corrective as well as being a thoroughly entertaining documentary.

Flynn and Taylor belonged to different generations, though they played a range of not dissimilar big screen roles, from romantic comedy through to Westerns and war films, from pirate epics to contemporary thrillers. Taylor arguably played a wider variety of characters than Flynn, who died at 50.

Flynn’s career was constrained by working within the studio system at Warner Brothers and limited for the most part to working with certain directors and co-stars. By contrast, Taylor’s career, which commenced a few years after Flynn’s death, saw him work with a range of directors including Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford and, in his final performance he played Winston Churchill in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds.

In his prime, Flynn was almost impossibly handsome, while Rod Taylor came across as more of a regular guy. Bright-eyed and with a wide smile held in place by a strong jaw, there is an open faced, slightly rough-hewn look about Taylor – a certain down to earth, can-do quality that he seemed to project. He was a good-looking bloke, on whom, it seems there were no flies.

There are actors who may not win awards or garner critical accolades but they do win the hearts of cinemagoers who just want to enjoy seeing them on the screen. That easy-going, exportable charisma was there in Paul Hogan in his heyday and you can see it in the screen presence of an actor like Hugh Jackman or the Hemsworth brothers, a combination of mildness and athleticism with an apparent absence of pretension, angst or vanity.

In Pulling No Punches, Bryan Brown equates the international acting career of Rod Taylor with a big adventure for an Australian of that era in particular. Like many of the more authentic movie stars, Taylor was not the product of a posh drama school but had done a few different different things and seen a bit of life. So too had Errol Flynn, though Taylor seems to have been more level-headed in handling the pressures of fame.

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Jamaica’s Jolly Boys

22 Jan

Named and Catapulted to Fame by Flynn

Sherwood had its Merry Men, Jamaica has its Jolly Boys

Jamaica Music Museum pays tribute to the Jolly Boys

“The Jolly Boys are a mento group originally from Port Antonio, formed in 1945. First starting as part of a group that played at Errol Flynn’s parties, the band established itself as one of Jamaica’s enduring mento bands. Over seven decades they have won mento band competitions, toured across the island and around the world, and released ten albums. They also appeared in the 1989 film The Mighty Quinn, which featured Denzel Washington. With their 2010 cover of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab, the group facilitated a mento revival that has attracted music scholars and enthusiasts from around the world.”…

“… Errol Flynn named this group “The Jolly Boys” after the vibe he caught from their playing. With Flynn’s imprimatur, the Jolly Boys music quickly defined mento and calypso entertainment in Port Antonio and set a high musical standard.”…

” … Errol Flynn used to dock his yacht, Zaca, [at Port Antonio] back when the buccaneering Hollywood star was known as “Jamaica’s greatest tourist”. “Mr Errol Flynn, man. Yeah, baby!” twinkles [one of the Jolly Boys]. “He loved the local bars. He’d hang here and buy a bottle of white rum for the people.”…

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Goodnight Sweet Princess

21 Jan…

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Charity-Shop Shopping with Ms. Moss

21 Jan…

“I used to walk around a lot when I was younger, get the tube, and every time I passed a charity shop I’d go in. I can sense if somewhere has a good one. I bought a dress that belonged to Errol Flynn’s wife. It was in Key West and the shop had a picture of her wearing it, tulle with white pearl and glass beads hanging off it.”

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“Swashbuckling Splendor”

20 Jan


“Off the Hook Arts celebrates film and music of the 1930’s and 40’s in their Fourth Annual WinterFest week! We’re featuring two great composers that fled Europe, settled in Hollywood and helped bring film to where it is today through their additions to film scores. Join us for the full Hollywood classic movie, The Sea Hawk, featuring Errol Flynn in his swashbuckling splendor and film score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. But first, get a brief introduction about the significance of this film and composer from our host, modern day Hollywood film score composer and Assistant Professor of Digital Media Composition and Music Theory at UNC Ludek Drizhal.”

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