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What was the original idea of Jack Warner to groom Errol into?

19 Nov


Errol arriving fresh from England to conquer Hollywood!

In the Golden Age of Hollywood when starlets were taken under contract the first thing studios did was to establish how to fit them into a mold to suit their movie making plans. Grooming, reinventing and molding them was prime!
So what did Jack Warner had in mind with Errol?

— Tina


Dodge City Trailer

29 Sep

A wonderful presentation of the premiere of “DODGE CITY” on April 1, 1939 in Dodge City Kansas
75 Years 1939 – 2014.

— Tina


An Anniversary Quiz!

29 Sep

There is a big anniversary this year! What is the anniversary and what did John Snyder say about it in 2012.

— Tina


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A good Errol Quiz!

28 Sep

Errol had Family, Relatives, Friends galore and of course many acquaintances as we all know!
But who was Mike? That is the big question!

— Tina


What is that? Errol is in it!

31 Aug

And the clues are:
Have fun guessing!

— Tina


Flynn co-Star still looking as glamorous as ever!

04 Jul

Olivia de Havilland - Andy Gotts

On the 1st of July 2014, photographer Andy Gotts MBE released his latest portrait of the stunning 98 year old Olivia de Havilland for her Birthday. I had to share this beautiful photograph, you can stare at her face and still see all those fantastic characters she portrayed in the Flynn movies over 70 years ago.

— Sam


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A Kitty Packard Pictorial of Errol Flynn

16 Jun

Hello Flynn Fans!
I thought I post this link as it is a very nice write-up about Errol.…

— Tina


Exquite, fabulous write-up about Errol!

24 May


Ladies and Gentlemen!
I have read a lot of Errol in my lifetime and that is an extremely long time as I am most likely the oldest of you all, but this here link is THEE BEST EVER reportage about Errol I found today and that by the sheerest accidents through an e-mail from my daughter with a blog link on an entirely different subject.
Of course I always click around an voila there was Errol!

Without further ado here is the link:…

I sincerely hope that you all leave a nice comment on that blog, which hahaha is mandatory for any Errol Fan!

— Tina


I am celebrating!

20 May

Google+ mangled my Errol YOU TUBE channel and mixed it up with a website of some health company. It took me three month to finally fix this problem and hundreds of hours. The time I spent on it is unbelievable and Google or You Tube does not help. I finally got a friend to help me who knew more about it than I did. What an ordeal! And now that my Bariebel Channel is back to normal I am celebrating with Errol!

— Tina


‘Bacall package’ sold by Flynn for March of Dimes

28 Aug

Here is an article that I just found about Errol from the Stars and Stripes archive…….…

Stars and Stripes
Published: February 5, 1954

FRANKFURT — Errol Flynn brought the house down tonight as he auctioned off a Lauren Bacall “surprise package” at a March of Dimes benefit.

At the EUCOM Hq-sponsored affair at the Casino, Flynn said, “I can’t tell the contents. (Bacall’s husband, Humphrey) Bogart forbids disclosure.”

Flynn was master of ceremonies at an informal show in which his actress wife, Patrice Wymore, and dark-haired film star Olga San Juan participated. All three donated their services.

The three arrived from Rome this afternoon via a 7167th Special Air Mission Sq C47 piloted by Capt Keith D. Hicks of Albuquerque, N.M., and with Capt A. T. Neiss of Wayzata, Minn., as copilot.

In addition to the surprise package, Flynn also raffled off photos of movie stars. Two airline tickets also were distributed as a door prize.

The crowd, estimated by to management at more than 900, jammed the main ballroom to watch the star-studded cast and listen to music supplied by the Air Force’s “Sky Tones.”

The Flynns brought along their 15-week-old daugther, Arnelia.

Cal George G, Garton, secretary of the Joint Staff, EUCOM Hq, won the door prize airline tickets and immediately offered them to be raffled off at the polio benefit.


Actor Errol Flynn poses with a beer mug and alpine hat as he arrives at the Rhein-Main airport in February, 1954. GEORGE PENN/STARS AND STRIPES

Actor Errol Flynn poses with a beer mug and alpine hat as he arrives at the Rhein-Main airport in February, 1954.




— Mary Ann


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