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Theodore Thomson Flynn: Not Just Errol’s Father

06 Aug

I’d like to share with you an engrossing radio podcast, first broadcast Saturday 3rd August across Australia on the ABC’s (Australian Broadcasting Commission) long running ‘Science Program’. You may think the topic of  Flynn wouldn’t be remotely scientific, but you’d be wrong. You see, the focus is mostly on Errol’s father TT Flynn. The programme titled “In With Flynn” , covers a few generations of Flynns starting with Errol’s grandfather in New South Wales … and it seems Errol wasn’t the first Flynn to have his wicked wicked ways … “Yes, Errol Flynn was a swashbuckling lothario, a 20th century film star of very mixed fame. But what about his dad? TT Flynn was a noted biologist in Hobart who looked at fossils, fish, Tasmanian Devils and much more. A new biography calls him ‘Not just Errol’s Father’ and details his considerable contributions to Australian science. But was he too ‘In like Flynn’?”

There are 2 segments – the first focusing on the recently refurbished TMAG (Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery) which incorporates the Maritime Museum once directed by Errol’s father TT. The second discussed a newly published book on TT, ‘Theodore Thomson Flynn: Not Just Errol’s Father’

An added bonus, there’s a nice little narration (taken from a doco on Flynn made in 2005 I believe) from Christopher Lee, who knew Errol and acted in 4 of his B Grade  European swashbucklers in the 50s.

Links to listen/download the programmes here:

New life for the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery…


T.T. Flynn: Tasmania’s first professor of biology

Talking about the newly published book ‘Theodore Thomson Flynn: Not Just Errol’s Father’…

— Philip


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Errol, Fidel, and the Cuban Revolution

20 Oct


I have found this article about Errol with Fidel Castro called: “Film Star with a cause” and here is the link to it…..…

Errol with Fidel and his soldiers in 1959.

— Mary Ann


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German Movie Posters Gallery

12 May

Here are all the German/Austrian movie posters of Errol’s films I could find. What I find interesting is that he is sometimes depicted older than he was when the film was made. But this must be due to his popularity in Germany in his later years. Only look at the third Sea Hawk poster (Der Herr der sieben Meere)! Or the ones of Objective Burma. Hope you enjoy them. Any favourite?

[flagallery gid=18 name=Gallery]

— Inga


Calling Robert and all painting experts!

17 Mar

Who is able to tell me as to who is the painter of this picture and what is the title of it?

I know this is a famous painting, but I am not able to put my finger on it!  Your expertise would be gratefully appreciated as I found a picture related to Errol with more info to follow!

— Tina