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Sunday at and about Sepy’s

19 Feb

Into Ye Little Wood, following in the footsteps of Flynn’s friend Sepy. Coconut Grove, Miami

Per the previous posts and superb Flynnvestigations of baronheinz:

The Barons of the Bodeguita

Into Ye Little Wood we go ...

Ye Little Wood Metal Gate

Not fareth from Ye Little Wood hood, on Calle Oche, featuring the old culture of Errol & Sepy’s old Cuban stomping grounds.

Across the calle, a restaurante featuring a painting of La Bodeguita del Medio, the epicenter of Errol & Sepy’s pre-Castro drinking grounds .

For the record, I was unable to get updated photos of Sepy’s fascinating “charging bull” manse because of new neighbors, fencing and security, but I did get to see most of it from a distance of about only twenty yards, and, quite surprisingly, it appears nearly exactly how it did on my last visit, with, as far as I could see, apparently little or no further construction in over two years!

Thanksgiving Day at Baron Sepy’s Place


— Tim


Live from Livvie’s

15 Nov

From Olivia’s childhood home in beautiful Saratoga, California:


A fun and very informative circa 1990’s interview of Olivia from Saratoga, including some very humorous references to “touching bases” (and not touching bases) with Errol. (At ~ 12:00 and briefly at very end of interview.)…

— Tim


All Avenidas Led to Caesar’s

24 Oct

Live from Caesar’s, photos for the EFB.

Chaplin, Barrymore, Arbuckle, Keaton, Capone, Hayworth and Flynn, they all came here. A top hot spot for Hollywood luminaries during Prohibition, and, again, during the U.S. gambling ban of WW II.

See if you can see Mickey Rooney and Joe DiMaggio in the photos below.…







— Tim


Live from the Cafe LaMaze

19 Oct

Hangout of Hollywood megastars travelling to and fro Old Tijuana:…

Note images of Veronica Lake, Clark Gable and Lana Turner on the southern wall:



The former secret upstairs casino:



From the official website, here’s interior shot of the current day restaurant, with a commanding image of Flynn:


— Tim


Live from Lovely Rita’s

17 Oct

In Celebration of Rita Hayworth’s 98th Birthday

Live from Lovely Rita’s home in Chula Vista, California, where she lived as a young teen, working across the border in Golden Age Tijuana, only fifteen or so minutes away. Rita performed at Hollywood honcho hangouts like the Hotel (Agua) Caliente and the Foreign Club Cafe de Luxe, where she began her entertainment career dancing with her father in The (Dancing) Cansinos.…


In a photo taken this weekend for the EFB, here is Margarita’s former childhood home, a fact her present day neighbors were thrilled to learn.


And here are photos from that era of her early career, when she was Margarita Cansino.



As a young teen, Rita danced at the following famous Hollywood-popular venues in Tijuana, where it is said she was discovered.




¡Adios, Flynnamigos!

— Tim


Mail Bag! Pirate Party!

25 Sep

We received in the Mail Bag this great photo of Bob Peckinpaugh at a Pirate Party visit from Tom McNulty (and Jan, Queen of the Pirates!) Both old Pirates were original founding members of The Errol Flynn Blog …


Thanks, Mates!

— David DeWitt


More Manly Media

10 Sep

What a Wonderful World for Young Errol Flynn.

Thanks again Donna!





— Tim


More from Manly – Errol’s Early Stomping Grounds

07 Sep

Donna Juana sends more from Manly!

Including a photo of Mrs. Robinson’s(!) cottage, in the second photo below, where Errol’s grandmother and aunt lived, and where Errol stayed and played as a boy and young man. Donna has discovered that the Robinson’s cottage was at 91 Stuart Street! I have never seen this address or a photo of the home published before. Thank you Donna, and thank you to the Manly residents and officials who helped her find this address!!! With special thanks to Manly official John M!)


Mrs. Robinson’s cottage at 91 Stuart Street:


Believed to be of Errol’s childhood play areas, where Errol spent much time in this area during his formative years. Donna discovered that one of the things he is believed to have done is to jump off the cliff at the end of the block at Spring Cove, a rite of passage for Manly teenagers.


Stuart Street, at Manly Scenic Walk, near the Cliff Jumping:


— Tim


Case of the curious blog 4

07 Jan


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

first of all I salute you to a New Errol Year with my waltzing waltzling ways:…

At the 4 minute mark there´s is a terrific overview on Dürnstein Castle- remember?:…

Unfortunately our Hollywood hero never made it down the blue Danube River to Vienna, hometown of his friend Doc I- Spy Erben and Will Tell loving lady Waltraut Haas.

Like in the old saying “Life is what happens, when you are busy making other plans”, he probably looked into making some movies:

The Niven Bush novel “The Actor” pitched to him by Henry Ginsberg

“The Ninth Man” written and scheduled also to be directed by Milton Krims

“Anthony Adverse”, alongside Fredric March and near to Lady Livvie

plus…drumrolls please: “The Greatest Love/Europa `51 with Ingrid Bergman and director Roberto Rossellini

None of the above made the swashbuckler`s cut for various reasons.

Some saw the limelights and may well pop up on the blog in future “In should`ve been Flynn”- features.


— shangheinz


Errol in France

15 Aug

In the summer of 2010, I decided to spend my holidays in France and also to go to places where Errol once had been.

I got the idea thanks to Robert Florczak and his now-then picture of a certain church in Nice, so that I convinced the friend I was travelling with to go down to the Côte d’Azur, too. Luckily she agreed.

I contacted Robert before my trip, and he kindly sent me the address of the church and also of the mairie and hotel in Monte Carlo, which both played a role in Errol’s wedding. Thanks to you again, Robert!!!

After my trip now, I thought it would be nice to start a new folder on David’s blog where each of us who has done some travelling related to Errol could add hints and tips for further travels. This would be easier for all of us to get some basic ideas, and those who think it’s not enough could contact the person who wrote the entry for further details.


So here we go for parts of Nice and Monte Carlo.

First of all, I’d recommend you strongly not to travel in summer, but during any other time of the year. Firstly, in winter you are much more likely to meet less tourists and thus to have more time and space to actually enjoy places – without being pushed around. The Côte d’Azur is really crowded in summer; it was terrible – and terribly hot, too! So if you can, go in the winter season or possibly in spring or autumn, but NOT in the summer.

Finding accomodation in Nice (especially not too expensive one) was not so easy – especially when you travel by car, be prepared for a long search for a hotel including parking. We eventually managed to find a small kind of hostel, the Villa Aramis, which I recommend if you don’t have to stay there for too long and if you don’t mind sharing your (clean) bathroom with other people. You get some nice breakfast, too, and the host was very kind. It is situated not too near the city centre, but within manageable walking distance.

The FrenchLutheranChurch of the Transfiguration, where Errol’s wedding with Patrice Wymore took place on October 23rd, 1950, is not too far away from the city centre, yet it is situated in a quiet street without tourists. In fact, I didn’t meet any people there except for a German-speaking lady who wanted to visit a friend living nearby the church. So you have all the time in the world to take pictures and contemplate the pavement where Errol has walked – it was a great, mysterious feeling for me, expecially as it was the first place I have ever been to where Errol was, too. Whooh!

Thanks to Robert and to google maps (just type in the address, 4 rue Melchior de Vogüé, 06000 Nice, France), it was easy to find the church, and when you enter the street, you immediately recognise the place. You can actually see that it is a church, which I did not expect after seeing Robert’s picture. Unfortunately, it is not open for visits, only (probably) upon appointment or on Sunday mornings at 10.30 a.m. for the service. So if you have a choice, go there on a Sunday morning at this time to have a chance to look at the interior.

On my first visit early in the morning, as I said, there was a German-speaking lady waiting to be admitted to see a friend. I asked her (in French, first, before I noticed that she only spoke German) if the church could be visited because she seemed to belong there, but she said she didn’t know and mereley wanted to see a friend. So I took my pictures and went on to see the other sights of Nice.

Later, when my friend and I were on our way back to the hostel, we passed along once more, and there appeared a young man with a key who let himself in the gate. Once more, I summoned all my courage and asked if the church could be visited, but unfortunately, he was in a hurry. He told me that the church was open on Sundays at 10.30 a.m. during the service, and that he’d make me visit it if he wasn’t in such a hurry. Well… so if you intend to go there, maybe you phone first and make an appointment, the young man seemed very kind and I’m sure he would admit you to the church.

So much about Nice. In the further course of our journey, we also spent half a day in Monte Carlo. Of course, I wanted to see the Zaca, even though I feared it would not be there – which was, of course, the case.

Monte Carlo has got two ports; the one you should go to is the Port de Fontvieille. Already to be there makes one gasp for breath because of all the amazing yachts you can find there. I had never seen such a sight before and felt like sleepwalking while I was walking around looking for the Zaca. When I didn’t find her, I asked one of the officials whether she was in port or not. He thought for a moment, and then said she wasn’t. And, of course, he didn’t know where she was or when she might return. BUT he told me at which spot she would normally be anchored, so of course I went there and took a picture. I add this plus a map with a cross for the exact spot, so that you don’t have to search for a very long time.


I hope for you that you will be luckier. Maybe our Spanish authors know a little more about where she can be found in the summer, which regattas she normally takes part in and when she returns to port for the winter?


If you need some further tips about other sights of Nice or Monte Carlo, feel free to contact me.

— Inga

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