The Barons of the Bodeguita

26 Jan


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I got a message from the son of flynntimo friend Baron Sepy Dobronyi (see:…), which I want to share with you:

Hi Heinz
I was recently in Cuba and saw this picture hanging on the wall in La Bodega del Medio. I thought you might enjoy.
I went through the EF site today and was interested to see the photos of my father’s old house under renovation. Very interesting!

Notice the two ladies` men literally drumming up the locale, where Pulitzer Laureate Ernest Hemingway used to sip his Mojitos. What happened later that night can be read here:…

Hasta la Bodeguita siempre,

— shangheinz


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  1. Gentleman Tim

    January 27, 2017 at 2:54 am

    This is Sepsational, sepyheinz! Flynntastic!!
    A Big Muchas-Gracias to both you and Ferenc.…

    P.S. Please let know I’ll try to groove my way back into the Grove for a photo update on the his father’s famous home. It’s will not be easy rolling onto his old Ye Little Wood estate, but I will do my Errolian best.…

  2. Gentleman Tim

    January 27, 2017 at 7:47 am

    some further flynnbits, habanaheinz:

    “[Sepy] was also the co-owner of ‘the Bodeguita del medio’ which was the hangout for the jet-setters of that era. In 1951, Dobronyi convince owner Angel Martinez to convert his store into a tavern. There he became the hub of not only the art community but also of the social circles. Close friends were Ernest and Mary Hemingway, Hugh Hefner, Nat King Cole, John Wayne and Errol Flynn to name a few.”

    “[There] was an LP: “Sepy Presents: La Bodeguita del Medio, The Music of Havana’s Most Fabulous Cafe”. Recorded by Riverside Records and Produced by Bill Grauer Productions, Inc, New York, 1957.”

    “Robin Hanbury-Tenison, one of the greatest explorers and authors, united with Sepy upon arriving in Cuba. They spent time exploring the island and socializing with Flynn and many other celebrities on the island. Hanbury-Tension finalized his book, ‘Worlds Within’ and included the Baron as
    one of the most exotic characters he had ever met.”

    “Errol Flynn, arranged the model for Beverly Aadland Statuette. Flynn commissioned Sepy to decorate his house, in Jamaica. Antiques, pieces of native art by the dozen and a golden statue of Beverly “Woodsy”, who had been Errol’s protégée, then appearing in Cuban Rebel Girls which Sepy was the production manager for, were the items that filled Flynn’s home.”


    75 years now! This place has really had legs.


    • shangheinz

      January 27, 2017 at 1:12 pm


      Carry on Groovyman Tim. I see you rafting off to Castro Island soon and come up with another scoop, and maybe even with the Big Snook.