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Steve Hayes 93rd Birthday! Jan. 31, 2024

01 Feb

Today is my dear friend Steve Hayes 93, Birthday. Happy Birthday old boy!! Steve, was born Ivan Hurbert Hayes he was born on January 31, 1931, in Streatham, England, UK.

He came out of England to be an actor and he got a contract deal on 20th Century Fox. He had a speaking role in Botany Bay with Alan Ladd and James Mason.

The day he arrived he met a girl named Gloria and she took him up to Errol Flynn’s home in 1949. Both Flynn and Steve were British nationals and Steve had no place to stay. Errol invited him to stay with him at Mulholland Farm. In the two months that he lived with Errol, he stayed in the bedroom that Jack Barrymore stayed in. The room was painted a mustard yellow and it had the famous balcony that overlooked the driveway. Steve, told me he would sit with Errol in his den, and formal living room, they would go for a swim in Flynn’s pool and overlook the entire San Fernando Valley. He would spent time with Errol in the sauna and all Errol would talk about was his films, filmmaking, the dynamics of Hollywood, all the women he met and knew and the most important was his knowledge of ships and of the sea.


He eventually got into writing and producered many films such as, Time After Time (1979), Capitol (1982), and Conan the Adventurer (1997).who was an actor, and writer-producer and he still writes westerns. You can see his credits on IMDB

He is the Louie Lamour of England. In the 1950s he met Louis Lamore here in Hollywood and he taught Steve how to write Westerns.

Steve came out to Hollywood in 1949 he lived with Errol Flynn, and Errol introduced him to everyone at his level in the movie business. He even dated Ava Gardner and was close to Marilyn Monroe and Rita Haywood

Steve has written a two-volume book about his time living in Hollywood, called GOOGIES: COFFEESHOP OF THE STARS they are both a great read and he met a lot of these insane Hollywood legends.

He has been on my Radio show three times and everyone loves his stories. The photo of him was taken when he was in his 80s and the black and white photo was his headshot when he was acting in Hollywood. Steve is a raconteur of old Hollywood, he knew and ran with James Dean and Steve McQueen before they were actors.


— Jack Marino


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06 Nov




@ The Coronado Island Film Festival

Saturday, November 13, 2021…


Join preeminent film historian Leonard Maltin and Errol Flynn’s daughter Rory Flynn for a presentation and screening celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the rarely seen documentary short, Cruise of the Zaca. They will share inside stories and anecdotes, very rare photographs, and little-known history of Errol Flynn’s travels to Coronado, his love of the sea and sailing, and the film’s surprising connection to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  


Also in attendance will be a very special guest, Hollywood legend, and Academy Award Winner, Richard Dreyfuss.


In this documentary short, Errol Flynn captains his world-renowned yacht, Zaca – widely regarded as “the most beautiful schooner in the world” – on a fascinating scientific voyage from La Jolla to Acapulco. Onboard were the world’s most famous marine biologist, Carl Hubbs from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Errol Flynn’s father, Theodore Flynn, an also internationally renowned biologist. 


While in Acapulco, Flynn skippered the Zaca and assisted in the filming of Orson Welles’ film noir classic, The Lady from Shanghai, starring both Welles and Rita Hayworth, with a covert cameo by Flynn himself.

From Acapulco, Errol conducted a treasure-hunting expedition on Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica, then sailed the Zaca through the Caribbean, ultimately landing in Jamaica,  It was an adventure only Errol Flynn could have so successfully undertaken and filmed.

I want to take this time to give TIM REID a massive Errol Flynn KUDOS for coming up with this unique idea and making it a reality for all to enjoy.  If you are in the Los Angeles and San Deigo area you must go to see this CRUISE OF THE ZACA on a big screen and meet Rory Flynn and a few other celebrities.

— Jack Marino


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Errol Flynn Would Lead the Charge!

15 Jul

This week we are seeing the beginning of the end of Castro’s commie paradise. Castro betrayed Errol Flynn, Steve Hayes, the Cuban people and the entire world when he fought for freedom for his people and than after Errol passed away he went into the arms of the mother of all commie paradises the USSR.

If Errol was alive today he would be marching with the Cuban people in Cuba and his name would be validation for the people there to demand freedom after 60 years of total misery. A good friend of ours is in Little Havana and made me aware of all this history making events. This is an incredible event for all of us that love freedom.

Errol Flynn went to Cuba for the Hearst papers to tell the world what Castro was doing to overthrow a military dictator backed up by the American Mafia and our own CIA. After 60 years of Castros dictatorship of total communism. The people of Cuba are fed up and now have taken to the streets.

A lot of Cuban Americans like Andy Garcia are calling for the complete fall of the Castro government and the establishment of Republic style freedom. If Errol Flynn was alive he would be standing with Andy Garcia demanding the same thing, I believe Errol would find a way to get to Cuba and be with the Cuban people in person.

Viva Errol, Cuban Freedom!

Little Havana

— Jack Marino


Deirdre Flynn and Jack Marino

16 Apr

Here are three photos of Deirdre Flynn working with me on my film Forgotten Heroes and the last picture is of my wife Louise, Deirdre and myself at our home in Burbank. Deirdre had come over for dinner and we took this picture in front of the poster of her Dad up on the mast of the Sirocco

Deirdre on location as wardrobe mistress 1988

Jack and Deirdre in my preduction office 1988

Louise, Deirdre and Jack in our home in Burbank 2005

— Jack Marino


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FORGOTTEN HEROES honors all Vietnam Vets and Errol Flynn

30 Mar


March 29 is the day we honor all Vietnam Vets, I’d thought I’d post this to let you know how I tried to honor them in 1990

When I was a kid Errol Flynn inspired me to be an actor and eventually come out to Hollywood and make the kind of films he made

It’s been a long journey since I made my last film FORGOTTEN HEROES in 1988 and I was able to finish it in 1990. I had over 250 screenings of my film and I wanted to “honor and welcome home’ all the Vietnam Vets. After that war, they were spat on and later Hollywood spat on them in films. The anti-war protestors all ran Hollywood and they ended up blackballing me and my film.

That was in 1992, I still have the film and I am selling the DVD on my website.

I wanted to post a review from a fellow filmmaker and Flynn aficionado Steve Latshaw!


I am watching FORGOTTEN HEROES tonight and am reminded of what a beautiful, heartfelt film it is. You’ve seen it so many times its impact may be lost on you. It’s truly a great film, beautifully shot. And I loved the nods to Errol, particularly the incredible scene where the surfer has been tortured and asks the Greek to kill him. It reminded me of the great scene in Objective Burma – but you took it further and the emotional impact was profound.

I have made over 35 movies in my career. I have always wanted to make a film that would affect people lives in a profound and positive way. I haven’t yet done so. I’ve often said I’d give up my career if I could make one film like that. You did it right out of the gate.

I am and continue to be in awe of your passion and envious of your talent.”

Bung Ho.
April 13, 2008

You can go to my website and purchase a copy and let me know if you want me to sign it for you. My film stars veteran character actor William Smith. He plays a Russian General who wants to defect to the USA.

I tell people that Forgotten Heroes is “Objective Burma meets Kelly’s Heroes in Vietnam”.…

— Jack Marino


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In Like Flynn review: Errol Flynn biopic a tepid tribute to swashbuckling legend

14 Oct

A review of IN LIKE FLYNN…

I have always said there isn’t any film director or actor that can capture the charm, spirit and lust for living that was Errol Flynn.

I tried to put together a project written by Tony Thomas, we were talking to Vince Sherman as director and I told them all that a younger Kevin Kline could pull it off.  At the time Kline didn’t want anything to do with Flynn. My idea and Vince loved it was to copy Amadeus where you had the older Flynn in Jamaica talking with Conrad as Salieri talking to the priest.  Then we cut to a young Flynn/Kline at differnent parts of his life but not in order.  The idea was to show Flynn as one of the coolest guys to walk the earth.  It would be an acting challange for Kline and I felt that was the only way to get him to play this part. I wanted to end the film with Tony’s narration from the CD Requiem for a Cavalier where Tony talks about remembering Errol Flynn and we show the clip of the end of Robin Hood. So the kids in the theater would see the real Errol Flynn at the end of the film.

I could never get the funds, then Vince passed away and two years later Tony passed away.  Kline didn’t work in film for ten years and he jumped at the role of Flynn in the LAST ROBIN HOOD which he was the only real actor in the whole film. He somewhat captured Errol… I will probably see IN LIKE FLYNN but I’m not expecting too much.

Bung ho!



— Jack Marino


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The Fuhrer and the Tramp

13 Sep

This looks interesting.

Here is a new kick starter that has Errol as a hero fighting Hitler with Charlie Chaplin. They are looking for completion money for their hardcover comic book. The illistrations are top notch check out the film pitch and all the different covers.

About the Story

Charlie Chaplin – comic, filmmaker, and raconteur – didn’t become the world’s biggest star by courting controversy, but when he comes face-to-face with the horrors of Hitler, he feels compelled to get off the sidelines and get involved. And then Charlie is approached by FDR himself with a special assignment. His mission, if he chooses to accept it: create a propaganda film to drum up public support for joining the war in Europe.

And so Charlie goes from movie maker to provocateur, traveling the world and dodging danger to complete his film. With the help of undercover agent Hedy Lamarr, her handler Errol Flynn, and British patriot Alfred Hitchcock, Chaplin faces down American fascists, Nazi spies, and his own massive self-doubt to complete his masterpiece.

But just because the film is done doesn’t mean the mission is, and little tramp and great dictator go toe-to-toe, Charlie and Adolph, one-on-one, mano a mano in a rip-roaring climax that fully delivers on the promise of the premise.


The Führer and the Tramp graphic novel collects the entire 5 issue mini series. It is 184 pages of gorgeous black and white art by the phenomenal Dexter Wee. It has taken us THREE YEARS to research, write and complete the art for the book, and now we need your help to finish making it a reality.

Our goal is to raise enough capital to cover the printing of the book, and if we hit our stretch goals, we will upgrade everyone to a hardback collected edition.


— Jack Marino


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Errol Flynn’s Ship Model

06 Aug

To all Flynn aficionados out there, I’m looking for the name of this ship, that was in Errol’s den.  I think it was a Dutch man of war, but I don’t know.  I have seen many ships on the internet and on many ship model makers that are very similar but it isn’t this exact ship.

I also think that this ship model could be one of the smaller models used in Captain Blood and the model dept at Warners could have given this to Flynn as a gift.  They must have copied it from photos of a real ship that had a name to it.

I have a close-up view of this ship but for some reason, I can’t post it in my post here.  I’m looking to have a replica made of this ship for my home office.  Any help in finding this ship or the name would be an awesome help to me.  I’m calling on Gentleman Tim who can find just about anything on Flynn…

Best wishes to you all

Jack Marino



— Jack Marino