FORGOTTEN HEROES honors all Vietnam Vets and Errol Flynn

30 Mar


March 29 is the day we honor all Vietnam Vets, I’d thought I’d post this to let you know how I tried to honor them in 1990

When I was a kid Errol Flynn inspired me to be an actor and eventually come out to Hollywood and make the kind of films he made

It’s been a long journey since I made my last film FORGOTTEN HEROES in 1988 and I was able to finish it in 1990. I had over 250 screenings of my film and I wanted to “honor and welcome home’ all the Vietnam Vets. After that war, they were spat on and later Hollywood spat on them in films. The anti-war protestors all ran Hollywood and they ended up blackballing me and my film.

That was in 1992, I still have the film and I am selling the DVD on my website.

I wanted to post a review from a fellow filmmaker and Flynn aficionado Steve Latshaw!


I am watching FORGOTTEN HEROES tonight and am reminded of what a beautiful, heartfelt film it is. You’ve seen it so many times its impact may be lost on you. It’s truly a great film, beautifully shot. And I loved the nods to Errol, particularly the incredible scene where the surfer has been tortured and asks the Greek to kill him. It reminded me of the great scene in Objective Burma – but you took it further and the emotional impact was profound.

I have made over 35 movies in my career. I have always wanted to make a film that would affect people lives in a profound and positive way. I haven’t yet done so. I’ve often said I’d give up my career if I could make one film like that. You did it right out of the gate.

I am and continue to be in awe of your passion and envious of your talent.”

Bung Ho.
April 13, 2008

You can go to my website and purchase a copy and let me know if you want me to sign it for you. My film stars veteran character actor William Smith. He plays a Russian General who wants to defect to the USA.

I tell people that Forgotten Heroes is “Objective Burma meets Kelly’s Heroes in Vietnam”.…

— Jack Marino


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  1. Gentleman Tim

    March 31, 2019 at 8:47 am

    Bravo to you, and to all you have honored with this great and groundbreaking film, Jack!

    You have gone above and beyond.

    Memorial Day Salute


  2. David DeWitt

    April 8, 2019 at 2:20 pm

    A wonderful film! Nice homage elements to Errol that fit in nicely, too!