Mail Bag! Errol Flynn’s Hobart with Ross Schnioffsky! Part 6

06 Jul

A break from Errol’s Hobart residences.

Day Two (Part 5) of my Errol Flynn/Hobart Adventure – The State Theatre, Elizabeth Street, North Hobart

The State Theatre, also known as the North Hobart Picture Palace, is one of the oldest in Australia and it is still operating as a movie house. It opened in 1913. Errol attended nearby schools and spent a lot of time at his girlfriend’s house so it is almost certain that he watched silent films here. Amongst his heroes were Tom Mix, Douglas Fairbanks and John Barrymore. There is a commemorative star in the pavement in front of the theatre. I am sure that he later met these stellar stars in Hollywood. I have also tacked on two photos of the Odeon Cinema. This was formerly the Strand and was one of several theatres in which the young Errol watched films, including silent versions of “Captain Blood” and “Robin Hood”. It is highly likely that Errol paid more attention to the girl sitting next to than to the screen heroics. The Odeon building still stands but it has changed significantly and is no longer a picture theatre.



Some of Errol’s Heroes.

Elizabeth Street, North Hobart

Errol Flynn, Born Hobart 20 June 1909

Screening Program

Elizabeth Street, North Hobart

Across the road.

Another building across the street.

The Odeon Theatre, 1929

The Odeon Theatre Nowadays …

— David DeWitt

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  1. Topper

    July 18, 2023 at 2:25 am

    I certainly enjoyed your photo tour of Flynn’s Tasmania, including all of the side trips and sites. It is not only informative, but a fun travel log with excellent picture-taking.
    Thank you for sharing and keeping the spirit of Flynn alive and well.