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Errol Flynn’s Fourth Foto Shoot in 1937!

23 May

Going from the photo studio, during the week of August 23-27, to Errol’s home for some  more photos with Lily. Continuing Errol’s time off into mid-September also included some training rehearsals and lessons for his next picture … Robin Hood.


— Topper


Errol Flynn Travelling the World Mid-May to July 1957!

14 May

The times, dates and places speak for themselves.


— Topper


A Busy Errol Flynn from Late April to Late May, 1941

06 May

During the filming of Dive Bomber, in April and May, Errol is as busy working off-screen as he was making pictures.  Never a dull moment.


— Topper


Errol Flynn Vacation Time in July, 1937

29 Apr

After completing filming of The Perfect Specimen in mid-July, Errol will spend the next month vacationing on his yawl Cheerio 2, with a few adventures along the way…and no Lily.

— Topper


Errol Flynn’s South American Trip, June 1940!

22 Apr

Errol, along with Johnny Meyer, press agent for Warner Bros., begins his South American Tour that is sanctioned by Warner’s as a good will tour. Newspapers, fan magazines, telegrams and even radio broadcasts and shows provided a variety of times, places and events. A map is provided to try and consolidate the where and when of Errol’s visits.

(you can double click a page for more detail…thank you David)


— Topper


Errol Flynn and a Busy December, 1935

13 Apr

 After a portrait shoot … then traveling to New York City with wife Lily (Lili, if you prefer) … and all of the fanfare for the premiere of Captain Blood in three cities, including parties, restaurants and publicity stops … Errol’s month of December was filled to the brim with activities and excitement.


— Topper


Errol Flynn and the Backslap Case Bahamas March 1952!

07 Apr

The “backslap” case against Duncan McMartin that took place in the Bahamas in mid-March, 1952

To set the scene, we will begin about mid-February while Errol is in Los Angeles recuperating from a fractured bone in his foot. He was injured during the filming of AGAINST ALL FLAGS on Feb. 1st. The foot was placed in a cast and Errol was given a cane to get around.

The cast was to remain for about 6 weeks, so production was halted.

But … as usual, Errol does not slow down. We pick it from there.



— Topper


After Errol Flynn’s Rape Trial from mid February to mid April 1943!

26 Mar

— Topper


Captain Blood Magazine Coverage Rolls into 1936!

14 Mar

A few more pages covering Flynn’s first motion picture debut in the U.S. Even Olivia, a newcomer,  gets full coverage.

— Topper


Errol Flynn in the Early Days!

03 Mar

 Taking a break from the book articles, I thought I would present some seldom seen magazine clips of Flynn during the days of Captain Blood.

(You gotta love Olivia in her pirate outfit,…never in the film of course)




— Topper