The Other Oscar

Dear Flynnstones,

2023 marks the 100th birthday of outstanding Austrian actor Oskar Werner. Vienna celebrates this terrific thespian with an exhilarating exhibition in one of the oldest cinemas alive, the theatre boothed METRO KINO.

While Werner and Flynn very probably never met, I couldn’t help but notice parallels between the two men, who could draw an audience by name alone. Both were promoted to demi-god status early. Errol went from Blood to Hood, Oskar from Hamlet to leading lad. The two were hailed, held back, written off, resurrected and rediscovered by an industry which applies band aids to searching souls in the form of cheques, contracts and chateaus.

Hollywood will eventually give you an Academy Award for a life of misuse and abuse, provided one survives it.

Watch it again tonight,




— shangheinz

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