Mail Bag! Juliet Greco Gravesite Visit!

Another Mail Bag item from Debby Phielix From her recent visit to Paris. Debby found the grave of Juliet Greco and sends us a couple of pictures! Debby writes:

Here are my photo’s of the grave of Juliette Gréco. You can post them on the mainblog if you want.

Juliette Gréco was and still is well loved in France. With the help of a friendly gardner I was able to find her grave at the Montparnasse cemetery. The rose you see in one of the photos is mine. A way to pay my respect to Errol’s co-star in his last two good movies, The Sun Also Rises and The Roots of Heaven. She is buried with her last husband Gérard Jouannest who died 2 years before Juliette.

Thanks, Debby!

— David DeWitt

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