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16 Nov

We like to promote some of the off topic things our contributors are involved in from time to time. This might be a book, like a novel or a play, a documentary or film, and our own Gentleman (Tim Reid) supports an issue that is very important to all of us. He provides the lyrics, melody and audio co-production work for the following excellent video with a lovely song sung by Rosalind Beall and musical accompaniment by Jesse Finch …

#StopProbateFraudianships commissioned this song to draw attention to the issue of seniors who are isolated and dying in long term care facilities against their wills. 


See the French version of this song here:…

English lyrics and vocal melody by Tim Reid. French translation by Rosalind Beall. Video by Rosalind Beall & Jesse Finch.

Thanks, Tim …

— David DeWitt

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  1. Gentleman Tim

    November 16, 2020 at 5:08 pm

    Well, David, thank you. I wasn’t expecting to see this up on the EFB! I humbly thank you. Rosalind (Beall) and Jesse (Finch) are the musical and video talents, not me. I simply wrote the lyrics and melody for the vocal.

    This song is in honor of my Mother, in support of reform efforts around the world to stop probate lawyers from forcing seniors into congregate care facilities (assisted living facilities and nursing homes) so that they can pillage their homes. It’s unconscionable what’s these greed-driven lawyers have been getting away with, and it’s worse than ever now because the COVID crisis is killing facility residents in devastating numbers – not only directly from the virus itself, but from the tragic isolation of facility residents from their families, loved ones, and normal social life. The isolation itself is a pandemic. It’s horrific and must be stopped.

    There are hundreds of articles addressing the tragedy of facility isolation. Here’s one recent from the New York Times: ” “The Slow Killer: Nursing Home Residents Wither in Isolation Forced by the Virus”:

    And here’s an explanation of the rip-off part of the equation, as depicted in the excellent documentary “The Guardians”. (NETFLIX had a similarly named documentary this year as part of its Dirty Money Series.)

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