The Ghost of Mulholland — The Specter of Errol — — Was it Real? Who was It?

31 Oct

Happy Errolween. October 31, 2020. Don’t be afraid of no ghosts.

The Ghost of Mulholland

Many if not most residents of and visitors to Mulholland Farm after Errol’s death claim that the home and estate was haunted. Some, like Ricky Nelson, believed it was Errol himself. Ricky’s daughter, Tracy, believed it was haunted by an angry woman. Others reported to have experienced a ghost of an identity unknown to them. Perhaps there were multiple ghosts? Or, perhaps there were none at all.

What do you believe?

The excellent video below provides a brief history of Mulholland Farm, asserting unequivocally, beginning at 6:57, that there was a ghost.

The Specter of Errol?

Below the video is a link to a former EFB post, titled After Party Ghost List, addressing the possibilities of ghosts at Mulholland, on the Zaca, and elsewhere.

After Party Ghost List

— Tim


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  1. Ralph Schiller

    November 1, 2020 at 1:23 am

    Happy Halloween Tim and everyone! I have that book “Errol Flynn Slept Here” by Robert Matzen and Mike Mazzone, and it is terrific. You see Errol’s castle inside and out and learn about the haunting!