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31 May

T minus 22

Today is 22 days till the Errol Flynn Global Toast on June 20, 2020, the 111th Anniversary of Errol’s birth.

A Toast to Number 1 on His 111

For all those lookin’ to drink like Flynn for this event, here is a post that details dozens of liquid refreshments Errol is known to have enjoyed at various locations throughout his life, around the globe.

How to make an Errol Flynn

T minus 33

Please remember that we are also toasting Olivia d’s birthday on July 1st, her number 104! Olivia herself toasts Errol every year on his birthday with champagne at her home in Paris. So, you may find champagne or French wine apropos on her birthday. But, again, please toast with anything you wish – from Tang to Tangueray – or even, perhaps, some Sake from her birthplace in Tokyo!

— Gentleman Tim


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