Flynn and the fiercest forehand

06 Apr

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Francisco Olegario Segura called “Pancho” by friends and pros, had what many labeled the best forehand ever in the history of tennis.

Former World No. 1 Player Ellsworth Vines remembered it all too well: “(His) Two-handed forehand is most outstanding stroke in game’s history; unbeatable unless opponent could avoid it.”

Pancho, the eldest of  7-10 children (reports vary) was born in Ecuador on a raft on the way to the hospital on June 20th 1921.

Not only did he share Errol`s birthday, but also crossed rackets with him in later years in Spain.

“I used to play at midnight in Madrid for 1000 dollars. Errol Flynn would send a chauffeur to pick me up.”

After an exceptional career on the lawns all around the world, considering he had suffered from rickets and malaria from an early age, he settled in the US and taught many flynntimos his most deadly shot at the Beverly Hills Tennis Club.

Ava Gardner, Kirk Douglas and Shelley Winters, just to name a few, honed their tennis court skills with this great character known for his humor, relentnessness and  longevity.

He retired at 49 at the US open and died at 96 with fond memories of mentoring Jimmy Connors and to a lesser extent the son of Dean Martin to felt ball stardom.




— shangheinz


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  1. Gentleman Tim

    April 7, 2020 at 4:54 am

    Making it mixed doubles: Not only did Poncho coach both Connors and Flynn, Connors’ Mom, Gloria Thompson, coached Errol Leslie Thomson, during her tennis club days in LA, long before she served her grand slam of a son on the world in East St. Louis. …Adding even more backspin to the backstory, Chris Evert’s father dated Jimmy Connor’s mom, before Chrissie dated Jimmy. How’s that for mixed doubles love-love.

    P.S.,topspinheinz, it’s not at all a backhanded compliment to point out that P.S. had quite a powerful forehand for such a diminutive guy from Guayaquil.……