— Watch Out Buddy —> “Errol is Tops”

15 Mar

March 16, 1949

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

After saying he wanted to stay away from Hollywood for a long time, Errol Flynn now talks of returning from Europe in a month.

This is more or less a shot in the dark, Buddy Fogelson had better watch out.

People predicted that Errol and Greer wouldn’t get on in The Forthsyte Saga. Just the contrary happened. They got along famously and Greer thinks Errol is tops.

I know that she was up to his house for a small dinner party Sunday.

Now, wouldn’t that combination be something? And, don’t forget, Errol is partial to redheads.

Errol had a small window of time to romance gorgeous Greer Garson, who had just ended an odd marriage with the allegedly “morose” neysayer, Richard Ney (who was twelve years younger and looked a touch like Sean Flynn did in the early Sixties), followed by the very tame and wealthy Texas wildcatter, Buddy Fogelson.

So, here’s Greer, with Dick Neysayer, Errol Swashbuckler, and Buddy Wildcatter (sporting a Flynn-pencil-thin-like stache, but very thin on the Flynn panache):

— Tim


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  1. Ralph Schiller

    March 16, 2020 at 10:05 pm

    Thanks Tim. Yes, Richard Ney had a strange career. He played Greer Garson’s son in the wartime classic “Mrs. Miniver” and then married her! it only lasted 4 years. Ney continued in films as an actor into the 1960’s. He co-starred with Ray Millan in the Edgar Allen Poe horror film “The Premature Burial” (1962) where he gave an excellent performance and wound up with Hazel Court! He get out of acting and started playing the American stock market where he made a fortune. He wrote two best-selling books on how to play the stocks and even had a syndicated show on business called “The Ney Report”. I saw him interviewed in the 1980’s and he was a distinguished and eloquent as ever! Ralph Schiller